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Title: Xim Apex & Xbox One X headset Compatibility
Post by: dalumberjack on 10:12 AM - 03/19/18
I currently have my xbox one X setup using Dolby Atmos over HDMI for my home theater. When doing this, this disables the optical audio port on the back of the xbox. The only way a headset works on the xbox one x (when using dolby atmos over hdmi) is through the bottom of the controller.

Will the controller still pass audio when hooked up through the Apex?

If it does, I guess I will have to find a extension cable so I can still sit on my couch, use my wireless KB & mouse, but still have my headset plugged in.

I wish xbox would of thought ahead and added a secondary audio processing chip (or what is needed) so the optical port could work when "bitstream" is enabled over hdmi to get the dolby atmos audio from blurays & online streams. Its like your punished for using dolby atmos over hdmi. So no high end wireless headsets will work since the optical audio port is disabled.

Just a little frustrating.