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Title: Flight Sim Joysticks
Post by: st0ne on 11:41 AM - 10/31/17
Hey guys!

trying to figure out if xim4 will work with joysticks like Saitek's X-52 or X-56.

In general would like advice on what joysticks you recommend using for Elite Dangerous on PS4.

Title: Re: Flight Sim Joysticks
Post by: mist4fun on 02:43 PM - 10/31/17
Welcome to the community. I know that XIM4 supports a logitech flight stick, this is on the hardware list here:


Joysticks not listed are likely not compatible. We do have an app called SandhawC that allows your PC peripherals to drive XIM4 on your console. This should allow compatibility for anything that works on your PC. The only reqruirement is attaching a belkin transfer cable to XIM4 and your PC and SandhawC would need to remain open while gaming. More on that here:

Title: Re: Flight Sim Joysticks
Post by: Calcifur on 10:17 AM - 02/26/19
I know this is a very old thread, however I am trying to achieve this exact thing, only on Xbox.

The hard wear link lists devices 'Known NOT to Work'  So my assumption is that both Saitek HOTAS listed by the should work, or havent been tested yet.

I would love to know if this worked for the OP.