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Title: Tutorial : How to take off mouse smoothing in Bfbc2 (pc version)
Post by: glenn37216 on 08:33 PM - 06/27/10
Tutorial : How to take off mouse smoothing in Bfbc2 (pc version)

  In options in Bfbc2 , set your yaw and pitch as well as your main sensitivity all down to 0. Close out the game and head over to your BFBC2 folder in My Documents.
To access your mouse's real in game sinsitivities go to  My Documents > BFBC2 > GameSettings.ini.  Look for the value called Scheme0Sensitivity . The default setting is set Scheme0Sensitivity=0.350000. (Some mouse tweakers are using a 1.70000 value with an average of 33 sensitivity in options menu)
 Adjust this to your own liking. Note that higher dpi mice like a lower value.  ( I'm runing at 1000dpi with the value set @ 0.950000. atm)  Max is a value of 200.
Note you will have to readjust your ingame sensitivity in BFBC2's options because this will change your mouse "smoothing" feel.
 Tweaking this setting completely takes out the mouse smoothing you get in game. NO more deceleration of the mouse while turning at high speeds ! Aiming actually feels as good as the COD series pc games.
   Now if we can only figure out how to do this on the 360...
 hmmm.. Toys I know your reading this....  ;)

Also note that changing your Fov helps alot in Bfbc2. Just don't get too crazy with it or you'll see a fisheye effect on screen.

Here are some FOV setting recommendations for different resolutions:

In your settings.ini bottom line is the default value Fov=55

4:3 (1024x768)
FOV90 (Recommended) = 74
FOV100 = 84
FOV110 = 94
5:4 (1280x1024)
FOV90 (recommended) = 78
FOV100 = 88
FOV110 = 98

16:9 (1280x720, 1920x1080)
FOV90 = 59
FOV100 = 68
FOV110 (Recommended) = 78
16:10 (1280x768, 1280800, 1440900, 16801050, 19201200, 25601600)
FOV90 = 65
FOV100 (Recommended) = 74
FOV110 = 84

Fov caculator for BFBC2: