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Title: Help! Thoughts on Razer Mamba TE
Post by: 310 on 10:40 PM - 01/20/17
Hey everyone I'm new to the community, this past week I've decided to make the transition from controller to keyboard and mouse. I've never gamed on pc so this will be a new experience.....long story short I picked up a razor mamba te. From what I've read on the forum it doesn't sound like it was a good choice should I return it? I will be using this for Call of Duty MWR on XB1. Let me know what you think !
Title: Re: Help! Thoughts on Razer Mamba TE
Post by: mist4fun on 10:27 AM - 01/21/17
Welcome to the community. I don't recommend it. I just returned ours to Square Trade, it lasted about 10 months of light use. The Mamba TE Chroma is prone to disconnects and freezes. This is a common issue reported around the web from other people as well. The tracking and liftoff is also poor compared to my logitech mice. The lights are neat but not helpful when the mouse doesn't work.

If you are set on Razer I hear the deathadders are better by comparison in both tracking and reliability. If you're looking for the best I recommend the G502 or G303. These mice use what is arguably the best sensor out there now.