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Title: Smite standard config?
Post by: ELMTxVash on 07:22 AM - 10/09/16
hey guys im a long time smite player and all of my friends computers stopped being able to run it. so they moved on to xbox one..can anyone help me out with a standard config for xim3? i wouldn't even know where to start..if anyone can even point me in the right direction as far as deadzone shapes ect that would be very helpful.
Title: Re: Smite standard config?
Post by: ELMTxVash on 10:30 AM - 11/24/16
399 views and no responses..comeon guys i was a rather early adopter of XIM and i feel like I'm getting the shaft ever since xim4 came out. I find it very hard to believe that there is no way to put smart translators from the xbox one on the xim3. If anything I feel like it would be a minor changes that would need to be made and i understand you want to sell new devices. but i paid like 200 bucks for the XIM3 when it came out without hesitation because I heard it was the best and it is. But not everyone has the money to buy a new device every year or two. and im not even asking for xbox one translators on the XIM3 I'm just asking for alittle legacy support so my broke @#$% can continue to use what i have until i can afford the new one. If i cant even get that much respect then ill just buy a @#$% venom when i get enough money. because if this is the way to wish to treat loyal customers i will just move on. Not trying to start drama just venting.

Thanks for reading