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Title: Overwatch Config
Post by: MadClown on 07:58 PM - 08/10/16
Well, I got bored and hatched an idea, how about I take advantage of the xim4's controller crossover support and use my xim2 on the xbox one, as I hate crawling under my desk to unplug my m+kb for the xim4 just to play a couple rounds of Overwatch or Halo.  So I did that and came up with a config for Overwatch.(I mainly play the pc version, but my xbone was collecting dust so I got Overwatch for it)

Here it is:
DZ on xim4: 0
UR: 144
DZ: 6000
Type: Circular
Sensitivity: 3000
DD: 0.75
TransExp: 0.35
XY: 1
Smoothness: 0

Mouse: Logitech G502 Proteus Core
1000 HZ polling rate
2400 DPI
Title: Re: Overwatch Config
Post by: Od1n on 07:40 AM - 08/11/16
funny idea lol, how did it work out?
mouse translation works fine?

overwatch isnt an easy game with its timebased velocity :)

also if you dont want to unplug your gear why not use xim sandhawc?
its very similar to XIM2 except for that you play with the xim4 and its translators directly
Title: Re: Overwatch Config
Post by: MadClown on 03:35 PM - 08/11/16
It actually worked pretty good, all things considered, still wouldn't recommend it over the xim's st though, just a fun way to waste time.  That game is a beast to get right, tried so many different settings, dpi and updaterates and at the end of the day, it was only consistent half the time, other half was a unmitigated disaster, only viable for the likes of dva, and soldier 76 if u have a burst script.  Had no idea sandhawc existed, only just remembered my password to this place yesterday lol, I'll have to check it out tho, thanks for the heads up.
Title: Re: Overwatch Config
Post by: Od1n on 07:34 AM - 08/12/16
you can find xim sandhawc in the "xim commander" sub forum
its basically the xim2 version of xim4 so to say lol
Title: Re: Overwatch Config
Post by: MadClown on 06:49 PM - 08/14/16
Word, got my Belkin cable inbound.