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Title: XIM4 [Firmware 20160405]
Post by: OBsIV on 10:51 AM - 04/06/16
If you are using an Xbox One S or PlayStation 4 Pro/Slim controllers or are having hardware compatibility issues, please install our latest firmware (http://xim.tech/latest).

WARNING: If you are upgrading from 20141114 or earlier than this update is a BREAKING CHANGE and requires a Restore Factory Defaults of your XIM4. You will lose all your settings and will need to re-pair XIM4 to your devices.

NOTE: This firmware requires using Manager version 20160405 (http://xim4.com/community/index.php?topic=46144.0) or later to function.

Please see Release Notes (http://xim4.com/community/index.php?topic=47393.0) for additional details about this build.

Download XIM4 Firmware Tool 20160405 for PC (http://cloud.xim4.com/Release/XIM4Flash-20160405.exe)
Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10 x86/x64

Download XIM4 Firmware Tool 20160405 for Mac (http://cloud.xim4.com/Release/XIM4Flash-20160405-Mac.zip)
OSX 10.11 or higher

XIM4 firmware is designed to be used worldwide with exception of Japan where wireless use is not certified. XIM4s sold in Japan therefore have a special firmware version (available here (http://cloud.xim4.com/Release/XIM4Flash-20160405-JPN.exe)) that disables the on-board Bluetooth module.

User Experience Changes:

- On startup, your XIM4 will now notify you when initialization is complete by displaying four rapid green blinks.
- Pressing the PS button on your Dualshock 4 is no longer required at startup (your controller will now connect automatically).
- Your XIM4 will now inform you with flashing quick purple lights if it's detecting conditions that may be causing performance degradation. Let us know if you see this light.


NEW: XIM4 Smart Translators V2 aiming fidelity upgrade
NEW: XIM4 Manager support for iOS 8 and above devices (iPhone 4s and iPad 3rd-gen and above)
NEW: PlayStation 4 Touchpad Support
NEW: Use next-gen controllers cross next-gen console (X1 ->PS4) (PS4 -> X1)
NEW: Use next-gen controllers (X1, PS4) on last-gen consoles (X360, PS3)
NEW: Storage increased to 24 Configs (was 16)
NEW: Simulated ADS Toggle (with customizable "Deactivation" keys)
NEW: Progressive Delay blended Hip to ADS transition
NEW: Steady Aim feature that optimizes Auto Aim (best with CoD ADS)
NEW: Turn Assist for better control of vehicles and turrets
NEW: PlayStation 4 controller automatic turn on at startup
NEW: Config load via hotkeys while Manager is connected
NEW: “System ready” indication light (4 rapid green blinks)
NEW: Warning light notification (yellow-pulses) if peripheral communication is lost
NEW: Support for Logitech 3D Extreme Pro Joystick
NEW: Backup/Restore of Configs/Globals via Flash Tool

FIX: Atheros Bluetooth chipset compatibility
FIX: Xbox One audio quality issues
FIX: Better support for hubs/switches
FIX: Xbox One controller w/integrated audio jack compatibility
FIX: Xbox One Elite controller compatibility (including cross console)
FIX: XIM4 remains on when console is turned off
FIX: Commander input timing improvements
FIX: Hardware compatibility improvements


                                                                      BUILD HISTORY

Build 20141114

FIX: Some connected gaming hardware can cause Bluetooth pairing and connection failures
FIX: Distorted “robotic” audio on Xbox One
FIX: Controller shuts off intermittently when audio is active on Xbox One
FIX: Keystrokes that mice emit can sometimes stick
FIX: Intermittent mouse disconnects
FIX: Intermittent freezes in Manager wireless mode
FIX: Can't connect Manager if Nav is connected wirelessly first
FIX: Sony Move Nav in wireless mode causes sudden “phantom” aim and movement
FIX: Vibration on PS4 causing XIM4 power-faults
FIX: Impulse trigger rumble on Xbox One causing XIM4 power-faults
FIX: Entering “on-the-fly” Config mode on PS4 pauses the game preventing aim sensitivity adjustment
FIX: Terminating Manager prevents Config Hotkeys from working
FIX: USB timing sync issues on some PS3s
FIX: Removing a Settings that is active should revert back to Hip
FIX: Incorrect binding displayed if "None" is used as Settings hotkey
FIX: Keyboard support (Logitech G510, Steeleseries 6Gv2, Stinkyfoot)
CHANGE: Power-fault light notification length increased
NEW: Enable USB device hot-swap feature for KVMs
NEW: Swap Joystick sticks feature

Build 20140619

Launch Gold Build