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Title: kewl as funk!
Post by: MindControlZombies on 11:41 PM - 02/18/10
great site great xim hail the creator ;)

it would be cool to have xim 1 xim2 an soon xim3 easy front page downloads navigate page so newbies go to the right software for there hardware in download section i got very confused by what was what for xim1 an xim2,360 but this is a minor issue what obsiv has done with this a credit to badgers
people who say fu to default an tinker are my kind of people.when something sucks badger it,
when something fails badgering it till its fixed is the only option :D

ive not realy botherd with forums for 2 years since i lost intrest in sat hacking an the sad trate to fACEBOOK EEEK so glad i got rid of that rubbish, xim is my new toy an its lots of fun thanks dudes
you rock like geezer butler!