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Title: questions about config options
Post by: rtmoose on 10:36 AM - 02/11/10
i got my XIM for ps3 yesterday..

having lots of problems with stuttering movements..

I come from a PC background, used to a VERY low sens in CSS (talking 1.3 on a 400 dpi mouse)
i use a DKT mousepad (if anyone knows what that is, its about 18x12 inches.. massive) and i use the whole thing, all my movements of the mouse are from my elbow, not the wrist, one sweep across the whole pad does a 180 degree turn for me (at least in PC games)

so heres the problem/question..

according to most posters.. the higher the DPI the better.. so i set my mx518 to 1800 dpi.. and my setpoint is at default with no accel and the CPL fix...

Ive been fiddling with a lot of different configs from this forum, and either the mouse lags like hell on small movements, or the screen stutters and skips, or its smooth on small movements but has massive acceleration when i sweep really fast (cant do flickshots).. i cant find a happy medium.

whas the difference between "mouse deadzone" and "deadzone"? Ive seen some people talk about setting a negative value for mouse deadzone, and some people setting one for deadzone.. confused... and everyones deadzone settings are so different..

also.. for xyratio.. what should i set it to if i want the same speed for x and y? 1.0? or is it 2.0..

the other one im having trouble with is translation exponent..  by my understanding the closer you get to 1 the less accel there is?  by that logic if i set my trans exp to 1.0 it should be a straight linear curve?

what im trying to achieve is for my crosshair to move from a fixed point A to a fixed point B (the same linear distance) whether i move my mouse super slow or super fast.

right now it seems if i creep my mouse it drags cross the screen but when i sweep it super fast i do a 720....

current settings (for MW2):

mouse deadzone 0
deadzone 44
xyratio 2.8
translation exp .75
prim sens 1.5
sec sens 3.2

anyone got any input?
Title: Re: questions about config options
Post by: toysrme on 03:24 PM - 02/11/10
The deadzone setting is the one to play with. The mouse deadzone one... It means "how far do you have to move the mouse, before the xim software even works with it in the first place". Haven't used an XIM on ps3, nor an xim1 on MW2.
I will say that you are highly likely to need a smaller deadzone. (low-mid 30's)
YX ratio 1:1 is the same speed. What you must know is that all games have different values programed in by the developers.
It is unknown what the actual YX ratio is on console. On PC it is (quoting myself from another forum)
vertically ADS is 61.1% slower than hip fire
horizontally ADS is 34.6% slower than hip fire (pretty sure i said somewhere between 30-35%)
the Y:X ratio is a MASSIVE 3.2:1
Most players play around 1.5-1.75-2.0.

on your xim1 the closer you are to 1, the more linear the output is. What you have to understand is that setups that are closer to 1 are going to typically be more highspeed overall.
Title: Re: questions about config options
Post by: rtmoose on 03:34 PM - 02/11/10
ok thanks that helps..
any input on the translation exponent? no matter what i set it at i feel a lot of mouse accel.. small movements dont move fast enough and fast movements are wayyy too fast

ugh its frustrating.. i get one thing working then the other fouls up :(