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Title: PS3 support
Post by: evanquinn on 05:54 PM - 11/26/09
Would be amazing, and I know all sources point to no, but it would be awesome. I realy hope ObsIV suprises us, and if he doesn't he should make the first PIM (doesn't sound as near as cool as XIM though.)

and also, I love my XIM360. I bought a 360 just for it, and it was worth every penny.
Title: Re: PS3 support
Post by: tweak on 05:57 PM - 11/26/09
I'm gonna address this quick and lock it.

XIM3 is designed around the Xbox 360, not PS3.  If it works out of coincidence, great.  However, I don't believe OBsIV has any intentions of deliberately supporting the PS3 out of the box.

Might as well kill those hopes now before they get too out of control.