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Title: [RESOLVED] XIM4 Keyboard + Mouse Works Incorrect.
Post by: Stephan70 on 08:06 AM - 08/09/14
Hello.  Sorry if this has been addressed all ready.  I didn't see it. I just received my XIM4 and I'm setting up for my XBOne.  I'm am using the same keyboard and mouse that I used on XIM3 and XIM Edge and also with the  XIM4E.  The keyboard is a generic Dell. Model SK-8115 and the mouse is the R.A.T 7.  I followed the instructions as follows. Mouse plugged into slot one with one dot above.  Keyboard in slot two with two dots above and so forth.  I linked up my XIM4 to my Android Phone. All good so far. The issue is with the key binding.  As I try to bind the keys to the Battlefield 4 config, it won't change the keys and it's like the XIM4 doesn't see the keyboard. Same with the mouse.  I changed the Melee bind from a key to the mouse wheel up and it still say Detecting.  One thing I did was switch the Keyboard and mouse on the XIM4 and retry to bind keys and it accepted the changes.  So I have the keyboard plugged into the mouse port on the XIM4 and vice versa.  I don't want to destroy my XIM4 if this isn't a good thing to do.  And help on what I should do?  Thanks again and sorry if this is too long for a simple fix.
Title: Re: XIM4 Keyboard + Mouse Works Incorrect.
Post by: Aiken_Drum on 08:25 AM - 08/09/14
It's safe to plug your keyboard and mouse into different ports.  The 'preferred' ports simply help XIM4 understand cases where it doesn't recognize devices very well.  However, it's possible for a mouse to have a virtual keyboard inside, and for a keyboard to have a virtual mouse inside, so your ports are effectively treated the same most of the time.

That said, does it also start working if you switch them back to the ports you had them in to begin with?  It may have been the unplugging and re-plugging that worked around the problem, not the actual switching.

If you look above the game box art in XIM Manager, do you see any yellow triangles with lightning bolts over the device icons?  See the Power Faults video on the Instructional Videos page linked in my signature for more details.

Title: Re: [ACTIVE] XIM4 Keyboard + Mouse Works Incorrect.
Post by: Stephan70 on 08:58 AM - 08/09/14
Hi Alken_Drum.  Thanks for the response.  I played Battlefield with the Keyboard and Mouse swapped and it worked correctly.  In the Android XIM Manager app, there is no yellow triangles.  All seems fine.  I tried to put the mouse and keyboard in the coronet slots and played Battlefield 4 and it still worked.  So, I got brave and said, Let me edit the config.  And it worked.  I don't know why it didn't do it before, but it seems to work now.  Sorry, but I didn't want to break the XIM4 on the first try.  If any other issues come up, I'll let you guys know.  Thanks again. Great job and great product...
Title: Re: [ACTIVE] XIM4 Keyboard + Mouse Works Incorrect.
Post by: Aiken_Drum on 09:00 AM - 08/09/14
Thanks for the update, Stephan!  Glad it's working.  The momentary failure may be due to a USB issue OBsIV and Orbital are currently working on.  If so, a near-future firmware update may keep it from ever happening again.  Meanwhile, at least you know how to work around it if it does happen again.

Anyway, game on, dude.  ;)