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Title: forum users
Post by: #47 on 04:42 PM - 07/13/14
hey so i've been reading a lot of peoples questions and responses but i'm still unsure as to what the definitive answer is to the forum users getting to put there pre order down first are. i know it seems like the people on the forums are able to in fact order first which is cool , what im curious about is  :is it based on how frequent a user you are ? or how long ago you signed up ?

thanks guys

oh and one other thing how do you know if your able to pre order first do we receive a pm or an email ?
Title: Re: forum users
Post by: Fatpod on 05:03 PM - 07/13/14
I think we just turn up in the respective period and slap our order down. I don't think its based on seniority or membership length. If it does I'm screwed  :o
Title: Re: forum users
Post by: OBsIV on 05:09 PM - 07/13/14
It's a regular order. The store will open up early but notifications (including waiting list) won't be done until shipping begins. The idea was to give active community members a couple days to put their order in since they would be the only ones that would know about it in general.
Title: Re: forum users
Post by: #47 on 05:11 PM - 07/13/14
ok cool thank you sir for info .