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Title: The fate of XIM4E
Post by: pdogg6 on 02:52 PM - 04/14/14
I don't remember a specific thread about this or couldn't find one about the fate of XIM4E after beta.

So I was just pondering and thinking about the upcoming release of the XIM4 :).  Excited as I am, I feel like I haven't gotten the mileage I wanted out of my Edge.  I know that I'm may be the odd man on this one because I don't play a wide variety of games.  I play Uncharted 3 and The Last of Us on the Edge.  So I know I've limited myself to the Edge's capabilities, but I have played the MP of those games exclusively nearly everyday without a break other than a break to complete the SP.  Matter of perspective I guess I have gotten a lot of hours out of it.  It has worked GREAT and I've provided a number of feedback on those games I'm sure some of you have seen.

Wondering if anyone else is in the same boat as me  ::).  So my needs to store numerous titles on the device is nonexistent.  Comes to my questions:  What's to happen to the Edge after beta?  Will it turn back into an Edge to support PS3 and 360 only?  I think it was discussed briefly, but I don't remember.  I guess I was wondering for those of us like myself that only need <4 games stored.  Is it possible to keep the XIM4E running after XIM4 releases?  If we just maintain the Laird BT Dongle and usb hub configuration we bought for beta testing will the XIM4 firmware work with the XIM4E?  I certainly understand wanting the customers to shift to the new product.  I'm not trying to take any money from the great work the team has done.  I just can't help but feel I'm not going to gain any huge benefit from the upcoming when storing 4 games is all I need anyway and I don't mind the extra hub and dongle  :-[.  Just wondering...
Title: Re: The fate of XIM4E
Post by: OBsIV on 05:00 PM - 04/14/14
The plan was to stop supporting XIM4E. This means that future games support will not be compatible with it. That said, yes, you'll able to revert back to the latest Edge firmware.
Title: Re: The fate of XIM4E
Post by: pdogg6 on 08:36 AM - 04/15/14
Thanks for chiming in Obs.  I kinda realize later me asking these questions you're the only person or one of the few that has the authority to answer my questions hehe.  Sorry I wasted a whole thread on this question, but didn't see a clear answer in my search.  I guess it's just me in this boat LOL.  I figured since Edge technically had the capabilities if you purchased all the beta parts it could still keep going if one didn't mind the limitations of space.  But if the XIM4 firmware is not compatible then it is what it is...I get that.
Title: Re: The fate of XIM4E
Post by: OBsIV on 08:59 AM - 04/15/14
The next build coming out for XIM4E likely tonight or tomorrow will change how connects to the "cloud" for game support. This will be done to support XIM4 builds which use different encryption keys. When XIM4E is stopped being updated, it'll still work and you can still use it, but, future game support won't be available (it'll be incompatible with the drops being produced for XIM4).
Title: Re: The fate of XIM4E
Post by: He4DHuNt3r on 01:04 PM - 04/15/14
That's good to know, I really like the XIM4E Firmware & will most likely keep it on my EDGE for my separate 360/PS3 setup for the Y/X Ratio feature alone :)