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Title: New to Xim
Post by: Valfaroth on 07:24 PM - 03/25/08
I almost bought the XFPS 3.0 today and stumbled across something called xim.  I'm impressed enough to wait a bit and see what Xim2 offers.  I hope there's some time estimate thrown out soon, so i know how long i have to suffer with thumbsticks.  Keep up the good work,....There's new people watching.

Edit: had something thoughts you all might be able to answer faster than I could search out the answers.  How easy is it to switch from Keyboard/Mouse to xbox controller?  Does your keyboard and mouse from your pc take over your xbox or is there a separate setup?  If it's the same Keyboard/Mouse, is it easy to switch between xbox and pc?

Title: Re: New to Xim
Post by: xPOLESTARx on 09:04 PM - 03/25/08
Very easy to switch... it's a program that you run on your PC that then takes control of the 360.

You open/close/edit it with a 2 key combo eg. ctrl-esc exits the program.

So you use the same mouse/keyboard that your using to control your PC to control your 360 without disconnecting/moving anything other than the direction that your looking :)

Title: Re: New to Xim
Post by: Valfaroth on 09:22 PM - 03/25/08
Then i won't even need to change that....awesome news.....I seriously can't wait.....I won't want to turn on my new xbox 360 until i get this 8)

I feel so guilty abandoning my pc.....(although i'm not really...teamfortress 2 still rocks on the pc 8) but 360 is the enemy of pc gaming right?  Maybe Xim2 will make it not really matter so much....It's not so much xbox vs pc, as thumb nub vs K/M