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Title: Long shot
Post by: North on 11:22 PM - 02/17/14
Hello I had a few questions on support plz?..

I have a Xim3 and I have loved it since the day I got it hands down best peripheral equipment I have ever paid for.. :)old school keyboard user since Duke Nukem before I even had a mouse..
Now for the 1st question and the sad new... My son stepped on the screen and broke it :(... is there a way to get in contact with someone and get the screen replaced? cost of coarse.

And 2nd question is the xim4 by what I have seen going to be an iteration of the edge ? and then be compatible with both xbox and xbox1 ? and I can just got one of those instead ? or did I miss the point on OBsIV's post on the beta testing ? and just need to wait for the Xim4 ?

Thanks for the heads up even tho I know the 2nd question there is not really support just more a question on should I wait or spend the money its really hard to play every game with the same maping(stuck on Ghost)

Title: Re: Long shot
Post by: ak-xs on 02:35 PM - 02/18/14
XIM4 is a device that isn't out yet and your solution to the broken XIM3 screen.

there is a beta firmware for XIM Edge that enables part of the XIM4 stuff. we call it XIM4E, that is not the real XIM4 device, just a sample so to speak.

XIM4 will work with PS3, Xbox360, Xbone and PS4.

the beta now works on PS3, Xbox360 and Xbone.

are there any doubts?  ;)
Title: Re: Long shot
Post by: mist4fun on 06:08 PM - 02/18/14
There is a good chance you can have your screen repaired for a cost. You would need to submit a ticket/rma in your store account. Unless the XIM3 has a sentimental value to you I would hold out for the XIM4. XIM4 will combine the best things from both XIM3 and Edge such as screen support (phone, tablet, pc), ballistics (acceleration editor), and multi platform support.
Title: Re: Long shot
Post by: North on 09:05 PM - 02/19/14
hey guys that does help in what I need to do I really don't mind getting my screen repaired (for a cost as stated) :) I will want to get a xim4 tho it does seem to be the best of all worlds I do have a ps3/4 as well that I do not play as much as I like simply based on getting my @#$% handed to me with a console controller would be nice to have mouse and key board on them as well. I need some thing now for xbox one asap tho wow love titan fall hate missing easy shots :(

Thanks for the heads up.