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Title: Is This Normal?
Post by: aN4rKi on 05:45 PM - 03/14/08
Ok so, I dled all the XIM software, and got all the XIM hardware to make XIM. Now Before I ran the software without anything connected and it ran at 32 updates/sec and i could move the mouse and it would show the translations on screen and so on.

Now I made my XIM and put it in a box and so on, and I tripled checked all the connections. I loaded the firmware on the Toolstick, and everything looked ok. I decided to run it with it plugged into anything just to see if it worked, because my PS2-> ps3 adapter in on its way to me from ebay. However, when I ran the program, i got 0 updates/sec and the program seemed to freeze.
Iam wondering if this is normal since i dont have it connected to my ps3 yet or I made a mistake somewhere?

Title: Re: Is This Normal?
Post by: derektm on 06:19 PM - 03/14/08
If you have the XIM plugged into the PC, and you run the software without the PS2 connection going to anything, it will lock.
Title: Re: Is This Normal?
Post by: aN4rKi on 06:23 PM - 03/14/08
ok, thanks for that. PHEW!! i thought i had done something terribly wrong. The seconds seem liek hours until i get my ps3 adapter! Cannot wait to play COD!