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Title: Looking for some halo 3 ppl to rank up with!
Post by: Acc0rd on 08:57 PM - 06/23/09
So I just got my XIM today and it works wonders, I can actually snipe and use a BR unlike before with my XFPS! So Im ready to take it to the next level, I have added a few of you but need some guys that are active at Halo 3 to level up with. before XIM I got my lone wolves to 31 alone and Team to 28 but got frustrated with not being able to turn and aim precisely before. Now im ready to take it all the way to 50 if anyone wants me. Im not a retard and was in Cal i for COD2 back in the day (for those PC users). Im just lookin to rank up and whoop some @#$% so anyone here is free to join in.  Add me to xbox if you want in and reply here.


Gamertag: Acc0rd