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Title: need help
Post by: #47 on 09:13 PM - 05/20/09
sorry for reposting this but i think i may have posted in the wrong section so  i think this is the right place to post

Hey guys i have a few questions that im hopping some of you can answer. I at the moment own 2 ps3's at the time i need both cause i 2 tv's in difrent rooms one for movies and one for gameing. As of a few weeks ago my curent living arangement has changed and i now only have the one tv and every thign is hooked up to .

any way i have been thinking about trading in the 1 ps3 for a 360 have't been a huge fan of the system but there are a few games i would really like to try.  now i would definitly want to pick up an xim for it as well but i have a few concernes

 - since im running xim software on my computer for my ps3 will it just use the same program or will i have to install again, and if that is the case will it mess up my configs for the ps3

-does it work as well on the 360 as it does on the ps3 is it worth the money or should i get the xim2

what is the xim2 exactly and other then this site is there any were esle to get it not that i mind getting it from hear im just curious.

i clearly dont have a grate deal of knowledge about the 360 is there a prefered model that works with the xim better then otheres

i will probily try and pick one next week some time but i want to know that i can get a xim for it first so if you guys could give me a bit of info that would be grate

thanks in advance
Title: Re: need help
Post by: OMGsus on 12:36 AM - 05/23/09
If your used to the XIM on the PS3 then please do yourself a favor and get the XIM 2 for the Xbox. XIM 1 on the xbox is great and all but it requires the use of an xfps which is going to add a horrible lag. The reasons for this are documented and extensive so I wont go into it right now. Just look around and see the responses for XIM 2.

Here should be the only place to buy one. We make them and we sell them. There is a secondary E-bay store as well thats sole purpose seems to be an intervention into people buying an xfps.

Look around, read a few responses, and make an educated decision. Personally, I'd get a XIM 2 for the 360 and a X-battle adapter to use the XIM 2 on the PS3 too.

Title: Re: need help
Post by: #47 on 01:10 PM - 05/25/09
x-battle adaptor ?  whats that i have't seen any one metnion that for the ps3. does it improve on the xim already or does it just replace the ps2 to ps3 adapotr

and on a side not i did order the xim30 a few days ago now just wating to see if every thing went through ok i got a an email about some sort of delay