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Title: xim commander and xemulate?
Post by: Lurkin374 on 06:28 AM - 12/18/12
can someone tell me more about these programs? the info seems a little limited.
from what I gather it lets you use "anything" attached to your computer through your xim3?

so I been using a sony nav and mouse as my setup. could I attach the nav to the pc and use the keyboard, nave and mouse with the xim3?

just looking for what I can do with these programs and get it in one spot.

I assume it will let you use scripts and macros for whatever reason also? I know that word is taboo but I see it a lot in this section.

thanks for any helps guys.
Title: Re: xim commander and xemulate?
Post by: Lurkin374 on 02:38 PM - 12/19/12
nobody willing to help out just a little?
Title: Re: xim commander and xemulate?
Post by: Lurkin374 on 03:03 PM - 12/20/12
well after days of searching and messing I cant get anything to work other than the mouse, using any of the programs. you would think there would be some support left for this. all videos have been removed that explained anything.
Title: Re: xim commander and xemulate?
Post by: link68759 on 05:33 PM - 01/13/13
I agree- this is ridiculous. I popped by the site to check for updates, I notice "apps" subforum of XIM3 and after scouring all manuals, tutorials, etc, I can find NO mention or reference to this area at all.

From looking at various threads, you have to buy an easy transfer cable. I had to dig for that simple information. From that and the fact that the "Apps" run on PC I can guess that this probably is a way to provide support for more USB peripherals (and also convenience of not having to keep unplugging devices all the time?).

Someone create a thread clearly explaining what these are, what you need, etc, and sticky it.
Title: Re: xim commander and xemulate?
Post by: Lurkin374 on 05:45 PM - 01/13/13
what I have found out by just simply messing around. using this setup creates lag in the input. I been using the xim joystick,net app just because it does what I wanted, which is run my mouse and keyboard through my PC to the XIM3, that way I have sony nav, mouse and keyboard I can use.

as I test I made a simple macro and used it both with the transfer cable and with the onboard memory on the mouse, it works a lot smoother and more consistent using onboard memory. now if I could figure out hom much delay there way using the transfer cable I might could make it work like I want.
Title: Re: xim commander and xemulate?
Post by: Balberoth on 11:46 AM - 01/26/13
I have the exact same issue as Lurkin, I've made a thread about it here:
At the moment the pass-through function is not guaranteed to work, as on some systems it's unreliable and crashes very frequently, often requiring you to unplug and replug every connector on the XIM, and fairly frequently requiring you to restart your XBox.
Title: Re: xim commander and xemulate?
Post by: Od1n on 01:29 PM - 01/26/13
xemulate is a 1:1 copy of the regular xemulate software, that was also usable with the xim2
tutorials can be found in either the xim2 section or from google
no one really re-wrote the tutorials for xim3 and xim edge cause the one that ported it over to xim3 and xim edge tried to keep it the very same as for the xim2