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Title: Xim1 with windows 7?
Post by: jdrees on 11:52 PM - 12/12/12
Hey guys, I've been still using the xim1 and loving it to this day.  However my computer I run it on just died.  I was running windows xp on the now dead computer.  So I figured I'd just download the xim1 software for my laptop which runs windows 7.  However my Mcaffe AV won't let me download it.  If I turn off Mcaffe and try to install the software, I get "error opening file for writing." 

My question is does the xim1 software not work with windows7?  If it does, what can I do to get this program installed?  Thanks for any help as I've now spent an entire days banging my head on this.   Perhaps getting the xim edge will work better. 
Title: Re: Xim1 with windows 7?
Post by: wanne on 12:55 PM - 12/14/12
I have it running on windows 7. pm me and I can send/upload you the xim package that works with windows 7 that I use.
Title: Re: Xim1 with windows 7?
Post by: jdrees on 02:43 PM - 12/14/12
Thanks for the reply.  Well after a couple days I finally figured out that turning of the user account control settings in win7 as well as shutting down Mcaffe did the trick.  Got it back up and running.  Think I'm still going to break down and upgrade to the edge.  Looks nice.
Title: Re: Xim1 with windows 7?
Post by: wanne on 03:38 PM - 12/14/12
good to hear that you got it working. and yes, you should definitly upgrade to xim3 or the edge.
Title: Xim1 with windows 7
Post by: MkowaCep on 12:33 PM - 11/05/16
I have Windows 7 Ultimate..

10 has been getting good reviews, but I'm am fine with what I have.

Maybe next year, after all the possible bugs and updates.