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Title: "Overclocking" your XIM's sensitivity [Step-by-step]
Post by: nysos3 on 11:23 PM - 11/30/12
So you've opened my thread, and the first thought in your head is "overclocking!? WHAT!?" Allow me to explain.

NO, this is NOT any actual overclocking of the hardware inside the XIM.

This is my approach to finding the perfect XIM sensitivity. Why call it overclocking, you ask? Because whilst writing an entirely different guide, in which I'd basically planned to lay out Requiem Fiasco's guide ( http://www.xim3.com/community/index.php?topic=22901.0 (http://www.xim3.com/community/index.php?topic=22901.0) ) in a more readable manner, I realized that tuning a XIM to find your perfect sensitivity is a lot like overclocking a processor with an unlocked multiplier. Start with a base number, find your threshold multiplier, and finally, tweak the numbers in a finer tune 'til you're right where you want to be. Though the only thing that's probably necessary for the XIM is a multiplier within .25-.5 of where you feel comfortable.

Sorry if the above sounds complicated, the explanation is complicated, but the method is simple (and precise!).

First things first, your mouse settings! There are COPIOUS amounts of forum threads/posts dedicated to mouse settings. If I find more and more people need help with this, and if this guide is found helpful to enough people, I'll probably shed some light on mouse settings. In the mean time, here's my set up.
My mice: R.A.T 7 and Logitech G700.
I was using the R.A.T 7 with my XIM at first, I switched to my G700 because I believe it's an all around better mouse.
My settings with the RAT7: Clean profile with no modifications. Make sure the DPI switcher on the mouse is at max which is 5600 by default.
My settings with the G700: A copy of the default "General" profile. Button 3-8 left as generic with 9/10 as a DPI switcher and 11 for switching profiles between XIM and PC usage (main mouse for my laptop.) DPI: 5700, Speed: 10, Acceleratrion: 0, Report  Rate: 1000.
For those of you with the G700:


Now that that is taken care of, on to the excel file! (What, you didn't think I'd let you have ALL the math to yourself, did you? (small note: I love math (and parenthesis!)))
Excel: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AgplfVNsKnFUdHdpV01ZNGdFb0JNRVRUYWYzMlplREE
Either download it, or copy it to your Google drive so you can edit it. I use this for Halo 4, and I LOVE the precision AIM on the RAT7, so that's why there are 3 blocks of sensitivities (slow hold = precision aim, default as the main config, and vehicles for when I'm in a vehicle).

Step 1: Add your base sensitivity to excel.
This is the default sensitivity XIM shows for the Profile. I was playing Halo 4 and my base sensitivity was 16.1/11.

Step 2: If you want to do this as quick as possible, I suggest you make 4 profiles on your XIM for the game you're trying out. One profile with the base, one with a multiplier of 2, one with a multiplier of 3, and one with a multiplier of 4.
The Hip and ADS sensitivities are listed at the top of the Main sheet in multiplier increments of .5.

Step 3: Test all 4 of these out in a custom game alone. You should be able to tell fairly quickly whether something is too fast is too slow. If it's too slow, move to higher multipliers, if it's too fast, move to lower ones. At this point in time you only need something within the ballpark of the sensitivity you want.

Step 4: Once you've found a multiplier you're comfortable with, if you still feel as though it's not exactly where you want it just put the multiplier in the box that says to do so and take a sensitivity that's in the direction you want. Feel free to use finer multipliers (4.75 for example) or any number you want really. There's a list of multipliers on the "Finer multipliers" page. Once again, this isn't a limitation, just a list of 1-15 laid out by 16ths.

Unless you're oddly sensitive to the settings, you shouldn't ever really need to do much more than find a multiplier you like and go a little faster/slower, even I just stuck with a base multiplier of 5 (80.5/55). (Mostly just cause I haven't felt like messing with the settings again, and I haven't touched my XIM since the 2 hours I've spent on this excel.)

Remember, if you like the over all feel, but want faster speeds to be faster, or slower speeds to be slower, just use a ballistics curve.

Don't use a curve until you're at the sensitivity you like! You'll have to adjust the sensitivity after you've applied the curve, as the curve sets them extremely low. You may also have to tweak the sensitivity you were previously at only slightly to get back to perfection.

Ballistics Curve I use:
Code: [Select]
>>> XIM Edge Ballistics START Paste >>>
<<< XIM Edge Ballistics END Paste   <<<

I put the Slow Hold settings on Load Behavior: Temporary hold under more settings with a hot key of mouse forward button. I've got the vehicle settings as a Temp Toggle with a hot key of mouse backward.

I realize this is probably drawn out and lengthy, and possibly even poorly written at the moment, I just want to get it posted tonight. I'll revise the majority of this in the morning, in the mean time, post below if you have any questions!
Title: Re: "Overclocking" your XIM's sensitivity [Step-by-step]
Post by: Od1n on 07:47 AM - 12/01/12
nice tutorial man! :)
Title: Re: "Overclocking" your XIM's sensitivity [Step-by-step]
Post by: dnyvnm on 12:53 PM - 12/14/12
Nice man, I think I will give it a go and get the most out of this BO2 double XP weekend. Thanks.