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Title: Ode to atoysrme
Post by: Akademiks315 on 12:12 PM - 11/25/12
Toys toys toys..dates dates dates....I see you on toyota foruns..want the link...dates dates dates....2008? 2k forums...really..bear program dates...u copy and paste all the non essentials.. your like Romney...only giving half the facts...and yes the army has DOD employees that have forgotten more than you will ever know with your long elustrious life of doing everything in the sun...you were a nascar driver..toyota builder..kosmonaught. MSC A +++++++  certified...in the Liberationg army..leader of the nazi SS...owned Toyota racing for 20 years...ran Enron....went Mach 400 in a Super charged Lexus Es300..built the hubble telescope...made wsr berween shiate and sunni muslims...you were Oprah for a day...Obama did a gang handshake with you.....all I ever said are what I know because I did what I know...You and other on here xut and paste 1/4 of things to make it fit their agenda....Republicans and racists maybe...nuff sad bro!!
Title: Re: Ode to atoysrme
Post by: PIX3L on 12:22 PM - 11/25/12
Title: Re: Ode to atoysrme
Post by: Dashio on 01:21 PM - 11/25/12
$5 this person is 12
Title: Re: Ode to atoysrme
Post by: colb on 01:25 PM - 11/25/12
Get ya popcorn ready.
Title: Re: Ode to atoysrme
Post by: Akademiks315 on 02:11 PM - 11/25/12
Googles him more....the movie black hawk down is based on his SFOD days...he rigged the bush gore election...china was under his dynastic rule for 2000 years...he helped christ walk in water..he painted the mona lisa...toys came uo with the idea of family guy and sold it to mcfarlan for a billiongazilliontrillon dollars...he did everything before the simpsons...he owns the free world market...he only eats endangerd shark babies..he owns every house on MTV crib..and thats from the first results link I clicked ongoogle...
Title: Re: Ode to atoysrme
Post by: Akademiks315 on 02:22 PM - 11/25/12
He has no reputation...he has internet prom queen lies..I am very seldom like this...but girls like her piss me off...he reminds me of...whats the word...oh ya a scumbag...he edits his own wiki page to make himself feel good and jacks off to random people on. Chat roulette...I know for a fact he trolls the isles of walmaet pretending to work there just to answer questions to make himself feel important and he inappropriately touches manakins at old navt while wearing pink thongs on backwards...
Title: Re: Ode to atoysrme
Post by: FirstRespond3r on 02:50 PM - 11/25/12
Just when I thought you couldn't be more pathetic, you go and prove me wrong.

Let's get these forums back on path. Get this straight... these are forums for the XIM, which is an accessory for the 360 and PS3, that allows you to use mouse and keyboard. All of us here are gamers. Do a lot of us have other hobbies and a life outside this? Yes. But these forums are to discuss GAMING, and specifically the XIM. That means that no one cares about your service record, your purple heart, your friends with the slow expensive cars, or that you lift. We are not impressed. So get the @#$% back on topic or get the @#$% out. We don't care what you have to prove on the internet to compensate for your pathetic micro sized penis.
Title: Re: Ode to atoysrme
Post by: toysrme on 02:56 PM - 11/25/12
im sure the person (http://a.pictureupload.us/32136772150b2847bec0f0.jpg) that brought the world this gem:
Quote from: Akademiks315
I'm in the Army, stationed at Ft. Bragg, work in the Signal Field, so I hang around alot of "geeky" soldiers who game, hack, network, you get the point, they know alot about this stuff, hell the run and maintain the army's server. Anyways, most of what I get from the ones who have this game, is that the servers them selves aren't bad, and they're probably running on XEON BLADE servers which are great servers, but if the code comipling and code manipulation on the servers is Jack Up, then thats mostly programming error not really reliablity of servers, and as we all know this game's programming is not up-to par with its peers or just the time, 2010 this game came out. If its the programming on the server, either expect it to never fully function right because no company is gonna spend the money to re-programm and re-hash and compile their servers, or either come to the fact that just like in 2k9 the online game-play will never satisfy you.
just to break this down in easy to follow point fashion:
that's some pretty epic insight there you gave everyone on the 2ksports forum.

hey omg! i didn't know your friends that clean up the Epic offices twice a week played NBA video games too!?

sorry guys, i ignored him this morning. can't read what he says.

Title: Re: Ode to atoysrme
Post by: colb on 02:58 PM - 11/25/12
Akademics uses online dating websites. Lol
Title: Re: Re: Ode to atoysrme
Post by: FirstRespond3r on 03:01 PM - 11/25/12
Akademics uses online dating websites. Lol

But fails because every girl he meets it's always like... " DO YOU EVEN LIFT?!I know people who drive cars. I'm in the army.  I took two bullets for you!"
Title: Re: Ode to atoysrme
Post by: Akademiks315 on 03:05 PM - 11/25/12
1stretarded...get ur facts straight...like toys and ur self...I know everything and know everyone..dont hate bro...u mad u cant benchpress your own weight and use the shakeweight to get ripped lol
Title: Re: Ode to atoysrme
Post by: Akademiks315 on 03:07 PM - 11/25/12
Ty u jankie..as a smart person you probably understand to not take me seriously and know its to get a laugh outta some people lol..what makes my c0ck hard is how they flock to this post like lil tiny mice...lol
Title: Re: Ode to atoysrme
Post by: mist4fun on 03:10 PM - 11/25/12
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