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Title: XBOX xim connection problem // FIXED
Post by: thylumberjack on 09:29 PM - 11/17/12
So, I recently bought the XIM edge, when I hook it up to my pc I can do all my settings no problem. the thing is when i hook it to my xbox it will flash the xbox symbol on my controller, untill the XIM lights settle, than my controller turns off, and I cant even select my profile, nothing. Now. Its not my xbox controller as it works with my brothers XIM edge. I also tried his controller and i get the same effect. Also have tried multiple mouse/keyboards. The thing is, when i try using his XiM it doesnt work with my xbox, i get the same problem... But my xbox is old... Wondering if xim isnt supported with the older xbox's (which is something I think should be stated, if thats the case)

>> Side Notes - It is the newest firmware from your website. I deleted all the profiles except the one I made and intend to use(which is set up correctly as the XIM works on my brothers xbox).

>>>EDIT<<< It has been fixed. Should have posted last night just got so pumped when it worked i started gaming right away. Fixed though.

Answer asap please
Title: Re: XBOX xim connection problem
Post by: Od1n on 08:12 AM - 11/18/12
that doesnt sound very good, your xim might be malfunctioned

maybe obsiv checks this out and has some ideas
i mean youve already tried a ton of stuff, and you can even compare everything to a working xim

if theres no respond from obsiv please fill out an RMA to get a new xim!
(through your store account)