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Title: New FPS Controller For PS3
Post by: phene on 10:10 PM - 02/25/09
I was browsing some gaming news and came across this:


First person shooters are popular on pretty much every platform, but PC gamers have always claimed that the mouse and keyboard combination are ideal for the FPS gaming control scheme. Having played the games on both the PC and consoles I would tend to agree.

A new peripheral for the PS3 is being released in ninety days thatíll allow console gamers to achieve a slice of that pinpoint accuracy. Itís actually two controllers, and unfortunately for any lefties itís obviously designed only for right handed gamers as the buttons on the mouse are located on the left side for easy thumb access. The other controller is a bit like a Wiimote, with its own analog stick and d-pad.

I still think the XIM will reign supreme, but I thought I'd share.
Title: Re: New FPS Controller For PS3
Post by: sikpup on 11:38 AM - 03/01/09
This sounds like the fragfx.  It's a P.O.S.  I have had 2.  Xim2 makes it comparable to an atari joystick vs. 360 controller.