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Title: XIM Edge Official Hardware Compatibility List
Post by: OBsIV on 04:02 PM - 05/20/12
XIM Edge Official Hardware Compatibility List

NOTE: XIM Edge uses similar hardware drivers to XIM3, but, as XIM Edge is a new product, all hardware XIM3 supports (http://www.xim3.com/community/index.php?topic=8399.0) must be revalidated for XIM Edge over time.

Below is a list of known working (and not working) USB hardware. All USB mice and keyboards are designed around a standard interface. Meaning, if your hardware isn't on this list, it doesn't mean it won't work. It just hasn't been tried. However, hardware will sometimes diverge from the standard or require custom drivers to fully function. Those cases will be addressed in future firmware releases. Please notify us of hardware compatibility (working and not working) so we can keep the list current.

A licensed Xbox or Sony wired controller is required to use XIM Edge (play-and-charge cable with a wireless controller for Xbox is not supported). For best results, use a Genuine Microsoft Xbox 360 Wired Controller and a Genuine Microsoft Headset for Xbox 360 or a Genuine Sony Playstation 3 Controller with supplied USB cable for Playstation 3.

The following list assumes you are running the latest firmware (http://www.xim3.com/community/index.php?board=68.0).

Known working:

A4Tech G10-810H
A4Tech VT-F3
A4Tech XL-747H
A4Tech XL-750BK
A4Tech XL-760H
Alienware TactX
Anker 98ANDS2368-BA
ASDA 595880
Asus GX800
CM Sentinel Advance II
CM Storm Inferno
Corsair M60
Corsair M90 (*)
Gyration Air GO Plus
Inland Pro 70119
Logitech Anywhere MX (P)
Logitech G400
Logitech G400s
Logitech G402
Logitech G5
Logitech G500
Logitech G500s
Logitech G600 (M)
Logitech G7
Logitech G700
Logitech G700s
Logitech G9x
Logitech M180 (P)
Logitech M185 (P)
Logitech M510 (P)
Logitech M570 (P)
Logitech M705 (P)
Logitech MX500
Logitech MX510
Logitech MX518
Logitech TrackMan Wheel
Microsoft Basic 2.0
Microsoft Compact Optical 500
Microsoft Habu
Microsoft IntelliMouse
Microsoft Sidewinder
Mioniz NAOS 5000
Nexus Silent Wired
R.A.T. 5
R.A.T. 7
R.A.T. 9
Razer Abyssus
Razer Copperhead (P)
Razer DeathAdder
Razer DeathAdder 3.5G
Razer DeathAdder 4G 2013
Razer Imperator 2012
Razer Lachesis 5600 (*)
Razer Mamba 2012 Wired (*)
Razer Naga (M)
Razer Naga 2012 (M)
Razer Naga Epic Wired (M)
Razer Naga Hex (M)
Razer Naga Molten (M)
Razer Ourobos
Roccat Kone
SteelSeries Cataclysm MMO
SteelSeries Ikari
SteelSeries Kana
SteelSeries Sensei (*)
SteelSeries Sensei Raw (*)
Targus AMW56EU
Thermaltake Azurues
Thermaltake Black
Thermaltake Level 10 M
Thermaltake Saphira
Thermaltake Theron
Trust 14915
Zowie EC1 (*)
Zowie EC2 (*)

A4Tech X7 G100
Azio Levetron Mech5
Belkin Nostromo n52te/n52
CM Quick Fire Pro
CM Quick Fire TK
CM Storm Trigger
CM Quick Fire Rapid
CM Quick Fire Stealth
Corsair K70 (Y)
Corsair K95 (Y)
Cyber Snipa Game Pad
Cyborg V.7
Das Professional
Das Silent
Das Ultimate
Dell L100
Ducky DK-9087 G2 Pro (P)
Ducky DK1008L (P)
Ducky Shine II (P)
Dynex Standard
Filco MJ1/2
HP Standard
KBTalking Pure 60% Mx-Brown
Leopold FC200R
Leopold FC500RT/AB
Logitech DiNovo
Logitech G11
Logitech G15
Logitech G19
Logitech G5
Logitech G510
Logitech G710+
Logitech K120
Logitech K200
Logitech K310
Logitech K350 (P)
Logitech K360 (P)
Logitech K520 (P)
Logitech K750 (P)
Logitech K800 (P)
Logitech N305 (X)
Logitech Ultra Flat
Microsoft Arc (P)
Microsoft Natural
Microsoft Sidewinder X4
Microsoft Wired 200
Microsoft Wired 600
Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800
Monoprice 9433 MX
Razer Arctosa
Razer Black Widow Ultimate (*)
Razer DeathStalker
Razer Lycosa
Razer Nostromo
Razer Orbweaver
Roccat Isku
Saitek Cyborg V.5
Saitek Eclipse
Soyntec T120
Steelseries 6Gv2
SteelSeries Merc Stealth
Thermaltake Challenger
Thermaltake Knuckler
Thermaltake Meka
Wolfking Warrior
Zippy WK-620

Logitech Attack 3
Logitech G13
Sony Move Navigation Controller

(P): Device is required to be plugged into its "perferred port" (see below)
(M): MMO mouse side buttons mapped to mouse Aux1-Aux12
(X): Device requires manual button binding from within XIMEdgeManager
(Y): Device requires to run in BIOS mode thus activating the switcher on the back of the case

(*): Sensei buttons 6 and 7 non-functional
       Lachesis side buttons non-functional
       Mamba 2012 buttons 6 and 7 must be disabled
       Zowie scroll wheel non-functional
       Black Widow requires latest Synapse
       M90 requires onboard memory unchecked in driver settings

Known NOT working:

A4Tech XL-750F
CM Storm Spawn
Microsoft Notebook Optical 3000
Logitech M310
R.A.T. 3
R.A.T. MMO 7

Corsair k60
Logitech diNovo Edge
Logitech G105
Logitech G110
Monoprice 9181
Microsoft Curve Comfort 3000
Microsoft Wireless Entertainment 7000
QPad MK-85
Thermaltake Flare

Saitek Cyborg Command Unit

PREFERRED USB PORTS: If your mouse or keyboard isn’t being identified correctly, it may be because your device is describing itself to your XIM Edge in a way it doesn’t understand. In this case, try plugging your device into its “preferred port”.

If you are looking at the front of your XIM Edge, then, preferred USB ports for your devices are as follows:

Left: Controller
Middle: Mouse
Right: Keyboard/Joystick

RECHARGABLE DEVICES: Some devices can be run in either wired or wireless mode. When in wired mode, the device also recharges. Please be aware that your XIM Edge may not be able to source the power required to charge these devices. When plugged in, they may be non-functional or the XIM Edge may be shut down.