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Title: Can this be done
Post by: AFF on 02:58 PM - 11/12/11
If u hold down the crouch button you then lie down

Now can I just attach that to a single key button rather than holding the button down
Title: Re: Can this be done
Post by: scottpriley on 03:18 PM - 11/12/11
only if the game has a set button from going prone but i cant name one console game that has one button for crouch and one for prone. if u get used to it i promise holding a key down is easier. i use the cntrl key so i dont use my 4 moving fingers just my pinky
Title: Re: Can this be done
Post by: AFF on 03:24 PM - 11/12/11
Just thinking about cod games and I also use the cntrl and it's getting easier than controls
Title: Re: Can this be done
Post by: scottpriley on 03:32 PM - 11/12/11
just stick with using ctrl easier
Title: Re: Can this be done
Post by: Bizzar1 on 11:57 PM - 11/12/11
Makes me wonder. I've seen them on eBay and there was a guy last night who every single time he would shoot, would go straight to prone. Not cool... When I flop to the the ground it seems to take two movements. Hold crouch and my character would animate crouch (small delay) THEN prone. But this guy would just flop straight to the ground. Modded controller? It's pretty friggin lame but he would flop right to the ground and have a good edge in a firefight. Now on PC I can do this as there is a separate button for crouch OR prone. I can skip the whole crouch thing and go right to bellyflop prone. What's the deal with this? Are these kids using modded controllers on console?
Title: Re: Can this be done
Post by: roads on 12:13 AM - 11/13/11
Straight to prone is only possible by holding the B button for about 300ms. You can mod the deathstar on the controller and it is still 300ms. He might have wired the B button with the trigger. You can do that with a Logitech mouse. Pretty lame would annoy the @#$% out of me.
Title: Re: Can this be done
Post by: Retrospect on 01:17 AM - 11/13/11
As far as binding crouch/prone to fire, just double bind crouch button onto the left mouse or right mouse.. not hard at all. In GOW3 I double bind spot onto my fire key. The only problem I guess would be then you would have to hold down fire button and every time you press fire you will crouch/uncrouch. TO actually have a seperate key for crouch and prone is impossible because crouch and prone are attached to the same button..

Wouldn't recommend it personally because then you will always be going prone even if you don't want too, just use ctrl lol.
Title: Re: Can this be done
Post by: Press22 on 02:55 AM - 11/13/11
I just use the C key lol. Works better than ctrl for me