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Title: XIMBridgeWrapper
Post by: tuffrabit on 11:43 AM - 10/05/11
Version 1.0 Beta

XIMBridgeWrapper is a C++/CLI wrapper that provides managed/.NET access to OBsIV's XIMBridge SDK.

XIMBridgeWrapper.zip (https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=explorer&chrome=true&srcid=0B48ykO3DrIFpYmIzYTAxZDctODk3Mi00NGRjLTg5ZjUtNTRhMzZkYjEzMzc5&hl=en_US) contains the full source and a test project.
testyKins.zip (https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=explorer&chrome=true&srcid=0B48ykO3DrIFpZDIwNzA1ZGUtYjUzNi00YmE5LTgyYjgtNTFjNmI1ZTAzYzE5&hl=en_US) is the test project that I've pre-compiled for people who don't want to open up an IDE.

Any and all feedback is welcome.

Current Status
Current version includes the latest SDK.  I'm waiting until I, or somebody else, successfully creates an application using this wrapper before I call it Version 1.0 Release.
Title: Re: XIMBridgeWrapper
Post by: Humble on 01:53 PM - 12/22/11
I'm thinking about writing a similar wrapper in Java using JNI. Would anyone be interested in this? I foresee some packaging issues (one JAR, 2 DLLs) that may limit its usefulness.
Title: Re: XIMBridgeWrapper
Post by: Wurstwasser on 04:04 PM - 09/01/12
I experimented a bit with the wrapper and its pretty nice to use. Already compiled an app to pass joystick input to my XIM3.

But i can't prevent my app from crashing when the Easy Transfer cable is connected and my XIM3 is not powered on. Also happens with your testyKins test app.
Title: Re: XIMBridgeWrapper
Post by: tuffrabit on 01:04 PM - 09/05/12
I'll have to try to reproduce that bug.  Probably an unmanaged exception bubbling up.

How are you grabbing input btw?  DirectX SDK?  PInvoke/Com hooks?
Title: Re: XIMBridgeWrapper
Post by: Wurstwasser on 02:58 PM - 09/05/12
DirectX SDK with DirectInput.

The program definitely crashes when the XIMSTATUS connectionStatus = XIMconnect(); in device.cpp is called and my XIM3 is powered off but Easy Transfer Cable is connected.
Title: Re: XIMBridgeWrapper
Post by: tuffrabit on 03:02 PM - 09/05/12
Oh... it crashes there?  I can try putting that in a try catch block, but it may not help.  This might be something OBsIV needs to fix in his SDK.
Title: Re: XIMBridgeWrapper
Post by: Wurstwasser on 03:30 PM - 09/05/12
Yes could be the Obsivs SDK, also happens with XIMCommander.
Title: Re: XIMBridgeWrapper
Post by: ak-xs on 07:32 AM - 09/07/12
i just want to say Thanks man ^^
Title: Re: XIMBridgeWrapper
Post by: Balberoth on 11:41 AM - 01/26/13
Hi guys, this may not be related to what's happening with your programs, but I'm having issues with the pass-through that I think are related to something within the SDK, the detail of it is in this thread:
If you could chip in to say that you're having problems with crashing in other circumstances due to the SDK that'd be really helpful, because I'm having big problems, but as seemingly few people use the pass-through I don't think it's going to be much of a priority.
Problem is, nobody will use it if the function doesn't work, and I personally wouldn't have bought the XIM Edge if I'd known about this issue beforehand.
Hopefully your input would have some weight, as I suspect the SDK is the problem, but as I'm not a programmer I have literally no idea what the mechanics of the problem could be, whereas you might.
Title: Re: XIMBridgeWrapper
Post by: OBsIV on 11:47 AM - 01/26/13
It must be related to particular setups as we use the Bridge extensively to train Smart Translators with no issues. If there is a particular thing in common with the crashes, that would help since we'd have the ability to reproduce the problem (which is required to fix it).