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Title: How to solder
Post by: thorimmortal on 08:46 AM - 02/08/08
I found this on you tube it may help.
Title: Re: How to solder
Post by: Juncti on 09:39 AM - 02/08/08
Yeah, I found this the other day when pondering learning how to solder.

I just ordered some kits online the other day, little practice boards that let you do small things like a blinking led or a little noise maker. So I'm going to play with those while waiting for the toolstick to come in.

2 questions for people that have worked with soldering before.

1. Do you actually touch the iron to the board to solder, or do you just press it against the wire? It's hard to tell exactly in the video.

2. How do you keep leads that are very close together from crossing? Am I correct in assuming the solder points can't touch each other?
Title: Re: How to solder
Post by: thorimmortal on 10:31 AM - 02/08/08
1. Both
2. The solder only flows where you put the heat, so if the tip is touching (I said tip touching,LOL,)the contact pad and the wire you are soldering that is the only place it can go, I think in the video he used more solder than required to show what a good solder joint should look like, but if you notice the solder still does not  flow over to the other contact pad but around it. so on the daughter card as long as you are only making contact with one soldering point at a time you should have no issues. also he doesn’t tin the solid wire components this is not necessary, but with a stranded wire it is.
Title: Re: How to solder
Post by: Juncti on 12:32 PM - 02/08/08
So you basically press it down against the metallic rim around the hole, and the wire coming through the hole? I'm sure it'll all make much more sense once I have the kits in my hand and I can see it better.

Also, you mention tinning the wires. What does that accomplish as far as things are concerned? I'd imagine I'll have to do that once I get to making the XIM, I'm sure the PS2 cables aren't solid wires.

I figure by the time the daughter boards are in stock and mine ships, I'll have had plenty time to play with the small led kits I ordered and work out the kinks.