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Title: videos from blackops
Post by: GenericIV on 02:23 PM - 05/23/11
Hey everyone i was wondering how do people get their black ops file share videos on youtube or their computer, im pretty sure it wont be that good quality with a video camera in front of the tv screen.  And the theatre mode on the site is only 30 secs how do people get full gameplays.

Thanks for any replys!!
Title: Re: videos from blackops
Post by: Od1n on 03:08 PM - 05/23/11
with a so called "capture device"

its a device that is either connected with your pc, so you can record the picture through your pc
or the device records it on a local hdd, and then you can extract it through usb to your pc

there are also other options and ways
generally better videoquality = more expensive
you can have capure devices for about 10$ on amazon, but their quality cant record anything better than 720x576
the currently best capure devices are the blackmagic intensity devices

you first should think about what money you want to spend, what video quality you prefer and what recording way you prefer (recording through pc usually will need a high end one)

there are also online services that record videos for you in awesome quality for cheap money
if you dont record a lot, this option is a lot cheaper