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Title: XIM3 Smart Mouse Settings Explained
Post by: OBsIV on 12:46 AM - 04/12/11
The most important function of a console mouse input adapter is now it converts your mouse input into controller stick positions. Console shooters were never designed for mouse control, so, incorrect conversion results in poor aim. XIM3 has invested heavily in the technology behind this conversion. XIM3 refers to this technology as “Translators” and has two types: Smart and Standard.

Standard Translators are general purpose and were the first introduced with XIM1. Given their general nature, Standard Translators can’t typically model a games look mechanic (aiming system) exactly. This is why, in XIM2 a new type of Translator, called Smart, was introduced that is game-specific. They are generated using a sophisticated computer-vision based system that automatically discovers and models every intricate detail of the look mechanic to produce 1:1 mouse-to-reticle results. XIM2’s support of Smart Translators was limited. XIM3 features Smart Translators as the primary translation system.

Smart Translators provide the best possible game experience with minimal configuration (just choose the Game you are playing and set your Sensitivity). However, some gamers still want to ability to further tweak their settings. For this reason, the mouse settings around Smart Translators are split into two types: Smart and Smart Advanced.

In a majority of cases, Smart should be chosen as your translation type. It provides minimal conditioning of the data produced by your mouse before it’s passed to the game’s Smart Translator. The higher the DPI of your mouse, the lower Sensitivity values you’ll need (and typically the better gaming experience you’ll have).

But, in some cases, further mouse conditioning (beyond Sensitivity adjustment) is required by the gamer before the game’s Smart Translator is invoked. Smart Advanced is used for this purpose. Use caution with some of these settings.

Remember these “best practices” when using Smart Advanced: