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Title: XIM3 User's Guide
Post by: EVGAFTW on 04:07 AM - 03/05/11
Congratulations on your purchase of XIM3! Designed by gamers for gamers, XIM3 provides the best possible mouse and keyboard solution for the Xbox 360. XIM3 is focused on quality gaming  experiences. Fully customizable, XIM3 has the flexibility to adapt your gaming-grade PC input peripherals to your favorite Xbox 360 games. Through advanced technology called Smart Translators, XIM3 is able to provide a level of mouse precision unachievable by any other gaming adapter available.

You are not limited to use a mouse and keyboard. Many users use alternate devices as well.
For a list of supported devices, please see the links at the end of this post.

- Table of Contents -

Downloads (http://www.xim3.com/community/index.php?board=52.0)
Support FAQ (http://www.xim3.com/community/index.php?topic=11965.0)
Tips (http://www.xim3.com/community/index.php?topic=9398.0)
Compatible Hardware (http://www.xim3.com/community/index.php?topic=8399.0)
Smart Translator List (http://www.xim3.com/community/index.php?topic=8400.0)

Title: Re: XIM3 User's Guide
Post by: EVGAFTW on 04:07 AM - 03/05/11
Setting up your XIM3

The XIM3 requires use of a wired (Not wireless with a play and charge kit.) Microsoft Certified Xbox 360 Controller.


Connecting your XIM3 to your Xbox is as easy as plugging in any device to your PC.

First, lets power on our Xbox consoles. If you have not yet used your wired controller on your Xbox, please connect it to your console now for redundancy. Some users have reported that their consoles were not recognizing their wired controllers. This issue may be due to the Xbox having to "Sign" the hardware as a legit peripheral. (Just a theory.) In some cases this has not solved the issue but we will get it out of the way now for the sake of the forum.

With the "Mini-B" cable provided, plug the smaller Mini-B end into your XIM3 ("USB to PC/Xbox" as seen below.) and the other end into your Xbox. Your XIM3 will now power on.

Now lets connect the wired controller into it's port.


Lets take this time to update our firmware.
See "Updating your XIM3" #URL and scroll back up when you are finished.

Now that we have updated to the newest firmware, connect your Mouse and Keyboard to the XIM3 using the preferred ports. It is not required to plug any device into any specific port. But this way we can narrow the odds of any issues.
Title: Re: XIM3 User's Guide
Post by: EVGAFTW on 04:07 AM - 03/05/11
Updating your XIM3

To begin the process we must first access the "Options" menu. Press the "Start" and "Back" buttons simultaneously.

You should see this screen.

Using the D-Pad on your wired controller, navigate down to "Settings" and press (A).

On the Settings screen, you will see an option at the bottom that says: Enter "PC-mode" on next restart.

Navigate down to it using the D-Pad and press (A):

Your XIM3 will say "Waiting for restart..."

Unplug your XIM3 from your Xbox 360 console and plug it into a USB port on your computer.
You should see a computer and USB logo on the screen.

We will now download the latest firmware from XIM3.com
Link to the Downloads page. (http://www.xim3.com/community/index.php?board=52.0)

^^The newest post should be at the top. This is where you will download the Flash Tool with the latest firmware. Currently that is "Flash Drop 20110220" posted on 02/20/11. This may be different when your read this so please check the Downloads page linked above.
Also take this time to click the "Notify" button to subscribe to page updates. You will be sent an email notification when anything is posted in this forum.

After downloading the tool, run it and you should see a window like this:
Press "Next" to continue.

Read the License Agreement if you wish and press "Next" to continue.

Since we connected our XIM3s to our PCs before downloading and running the flash tool, you should see this page with a green check mark in the tool. If you see a red X, please disconnect your XIM3 and put it into PC mode again.
Press "Next" to continue.

Select "Upgrade Firmware" and select "Next" to continue.

Once on the "Ready to flash your XIM3!" screen. Press "Flash" to upgrade your firmware.

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Title: Re: XIM3 User's Guide
Post by: EVGAFTW on 04:07 AM - 03/05/11
Updating Smart Translators

To update your Smart Translators, follow the steps in "Updating your XIM3" stopping at the "Update Firmware" option in the XIM3 Flash Tool.

You should be at the picture below.


First click "Add Smart Translator" then "Next"

You will now see a dialog that says "Obsolete Smart Translator Found"


At the time this was written there were four Smart Translators that were released. This should not normally be the case.

On the screen below, I have numbered the entries in the list.


A-D are new translators. E is an additional translator that we do not already have installed and from F down are existing installed translators.

We will be selecting [A Call of Duty 4 [V2] (CoD4-2)].

Because we already have the maximum number of smart translators installed on our device. We will be selecting the old CoD4 translator to be replaced with the new one.


After hitting next, simply click "Flash".

We will now see this dialog.


If you have more than one translator to update. Do not unplug your XIM3. Simply run the flash tool again to update the rest. Unfortunately one by one. But as said before. This should typically not be the case.

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Title: Re: XIM3 User's Guide
Post by: EVGAFTW on 04:07 AM - 03/05/11
Mapping Buttons

Mapping buttons on the XIM3 is easy. If you have played the PC counterpart to the game in mention,
take note of which buttons do what on your keyboard.

From the main screen, we will push "Start" and "Back" at the same time. This brings up the options menu.


Now select the first option "Edit Config". You will see the screen that says "Right Stick" in the red bar.


By hitting the right bumper on your controller, navigate to the "Left Stick" screen. If you are comfortable
with W, A, S and D being used to move there is no need to change anything.


Hit the right bumper again to get to the "Buttons" screen. Once there press (A) to start editing.


Editing the key map is easy. Press a button on your wired controller followed by the button you want to map
it to on your keyboard.

Keys have been mapped out already, take some time to go through to see whether you will need to swap them for
different keys. Below are some of the keys I used.


Once finished, hold the (A) button down to save your key map. Press (B) once then (A) again to save your config.

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Title: Re: XIM3 User's Guide
Post by: EVGAFTW on 04:08 AM - 03/05/11
Adjusting Sensitivities

Take this time to make sure your mouse is set at max sensitivity. My G500 is set to 5700 DPI.

Before we start lets start a private game/match. Set the max time (Unlimited in MW2.) and start the match. Once in the match find the spot on the map that you like to control. I used Afgan and ran up to the hill.

Set the in game sensitivity at max. (10 - Insane in MW2.)

Like with mapping buttons, press "Start" and "Back" at the same time to bring up the options menu.


Select "Edit Config"


You should be at the "Right Stick" tab. This is where we will edit our sensitivities.


Once there you will see: Sensitivity: 0.00 /0.00
And just below: [M] Right

Using the controller, navigate down to the first set of zeros and press (A).
This is our normal viewing sensitivity. (Regular right stick function in MW2)

Increase this number slowly. To test, press (A) to accept the value, (B) to back out of the edit window and (A) again to save the config.

Move the mouse around and see if it meets your liking. If not, navigate back into the edit window and increase/decrease the values.

I found my value to be good around 11/11.50


The next sensitivity value is activated by the indicated button below our values. In this case [M] Right meaning for me, while I'm aiming down sight.

Do the same as above to edit your values. I like a fast ADS sensitivity. so I chose 12. Feels just as fast as I'm not aiming down sight. Makes for following someone with a sniper rifle quite easy.


Here are the values I run at 5700 DPI with max in game sensitivity.


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Title: Re: XIM3 User's Guide
Post by: EVGAFTW on 04:08 AM - 03/05/11
Loading and Copying Configs

To load a different game's config simply select "Load Config" from the options menu and select the config you desire.

Some users may need to copy configs for complex switching. To solve issues like killstreak control or whatever else. See "Switchers".

To copy a config, select the "Add Config" option and you will be taken to the list of configs currently on the XIM3.

Select the config you wish to copy and press (A).

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Title: Re: XIM3 User's Guide
Post by: EVGAFTW on 04:08 AM - 03/05/11

This is a more advanced feature in the XIM3. If you do not know how to set up a config please read above to learn. I am going to be vague to a degree.

To solve issues with some aspects of game mechanics we use profile/config switchers. For example, if you have unlocked the chopper gunner killstreak. Upon use the turret will react slowly or not move at all. For me it takes about 8 swipes with the mouse to aim the turret in the opposite direction.

We are going to use a switcher to solve this. I am going to use Fatal 0Efx's Black Ops Killstreak Config (http://www.xim3.com/community/index.php?topic=10727.0)

In the picture below I have Modern Warfare as the configs to switch between. Ignore them. For this we will be using Black Ops configs.

First we are going to copy our Black Ops config using the "Add Config" option.

Once copied you will be at the edit screen. Under Translator select Standard. This will enable a plethora of options. Set them as below.

Translator:                Standard
Sensitivity:                1.00/1.00
Sensitivity binding:    None (not needed)
Acceleration:             0.40
Dead Zone:               16000 - Circle
Y-X Ratio:                  2.00
Diag Dampen:           0.00
Smoothness:             1  *This setting has no effect.

Using the Right Bumper navigate to the "Switchers" tab.

Since we are currently on the "Black Ops Copy" config, we want to switch to "Black Ops".

In the first <None> setting, select "Black Ops".

The second <None> setting is our activation key. Once pressed or released (Set by the third option.) the switch will activate.
Go ahead and program an activation key. I used "Right Shift".

Press (B) to back out then (A) to save.

Test the switcher by pressing the activation key you selected.

If you did it correctly you should be on the original "Black Ops" config. Take this time to set up the same switch to "Black Ops Copy" in your config.

This will momentarily switch your configs.
You'll have to hold the activator key.

Black Ops Config:

Black Ops Copy Config:

This will switch regularly.
You have to press the activator again to switch back.

Black Ops Config:

Black Ops Copy Config:

You have the option to run two separate switchers. If you play a few different games often you can use the second switcher to swap different game profiles.

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Title: Re: XIM3 User's Guide
Post by: EVGAFTW on 04:08 AM - 03/05/11
Reserved for expansion
Title: Re: XIM3 User's Guide
Post by: EVGAFTW on 04:09 AM - 03/05/11
To do:


I can has cookie?

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Title: Re: XIM3 User's Guide
Post by: EVGAFTW on 04:50 PM - 03/08/11



Just wanted to say a BIG thank you for the priceless XIM3 User Guide. It's extremely welldone and very easy to read and understand. Cannot thank you enough for the effort.

Best regards.


THANK YOU EVGAFTW for your free hardwork and help! that is a really nice idea!

just a sidenote though, i like Adobe :P


Thanks EVGAFTW for making the guide. It's definitely something that takes time, and I'm sure it will be used by a lot of XIM noobs. Awesome job.


This is great, thank you for making this :)


good guide. would be cool to add a guide for the translators as well. updating smart translators i mean