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Title: Cod aiming mechanics
Post by: Lukasz on 05:43 AM - 05/16/22
Man, for years on end I was only playing COD and have seen people saying the COD players have it good because COD games have a great aiming mechanics for XIM.

I have recently got my self an Xbox series X because I was done waiting for Sony to implement 1440p. As I have been locked to PS for all these years, all my COD titles are on PS and I am not willing to buy all these COD games again on Xbone so I am forced to explore new games and man do I get to appreciate how good COD aim is. Basically, with COD titles all I had to do is to set my senses and of I go.

I have been trying the HALO Infinite for the past few days and the aiming feels so hard, man I wish all FPS games have the COD aim mechanics.
Title: Re: Cod aiming mechanics
Post by: TurboMan on 07:56 AM - 05/16/22
Yeah, people say Apex Legends has good mechanics for it too but compared to CoD it just feels so laggy. Maybe it's something I could get used to if I stuck with it but I play CoD too much for it to ever feel good.
Title: Re: Cod aiming mechanics
Post by: Lukasz on 09:37 AM - 05/16/22
Yeah man, all the years I have been complaining about COD getting this or that wrong just to find my self thinking COD got this or that wrong while I play these other games; funny old world indeed.