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[APEX] EXTREME - Perfect Match -02- ADVANCED (FINAL)  (Read 4027 times)

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Re: [APEX] EXTREME - Perfect Match -02- ADVANCED (FINAL)
« Reply #45 on: 12:01 AM - 06/27/18 »

now mask that pixel skipping with maximum smoothing of 20 for HIP and ADS.[/b]
(20 isn't the be all end all but this is the recommended starting value. In most cases the final value will be 10+ depending on built-in smoothing of game's aiming model.)

then use the Ballistic Editor to adjust sensitivity.
(Disabling Sync while outputting 1,000Hz plus the hidden pixel skipping will completely negate the added delay from the smoothing once the ballistic sensitivity is dialed in properly.)

mjfame, I noticed in your 'Purist' settings that you mentioned Halo5. Could you possibly share the final Halo5 settings that you're using? Are you still using the Purist settings, or did you set up the Advanced settings? What smoothing setting did you end up using? Are you using different ballistic settings for HIP & ADS in Halo5?

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Re: [APEX] EXTREME - Perfect Match -02- ADVANCED (FINAL)
« Reply #46 on: 11:25 AM - 06/27/18 »
Hello Mjfame. I'm trying the extreme setup and it works very well. I want to use AA but I'm very close to disabling it for sake or motor learning; you seem to seek similar improvements.

So I have it all setup as you stated and I'm playing Fortnite. Here is my question:

The sense is so high that when using the ballistic curve for adjustments, my HIP BC is at default 1:1. Any higher and it's too fast for me. My ADS is even lower! I have it under default. For ADS from default curve, I slide all the way right and then DROP it to 80.

So my ADS max turn speed is 80. Is this ok?

Would it be better to lower sense from 500 to half, 250, then use the BC to speed back up?

Also can you comment on smoothing lower than 20? How would I know if my smoothing would be better at 10,15 or 20. I use 20 now.

Amazing setup. Working shockingly well!!!

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Re: [APEX] EXTREME - Perfect Match -02- ADVANCED (FINAL)
« Reply #47 on: 07:55 AM - 07/04/18 »

Wanted to share my feedback for this.

So I've tested two setups in Battlefield 1.
1. EXTREME - 800@1000 - Off - 500/500 - Ballistics set to 54 for 360@40 cm
2. 12_000@1000 - Default - HIP/ADS custom so I can do 360 in 40 cm

I've joined an empty server and tried to follow edges with my aim and the second config feels way better.
I manage to draw edges more smooth compared to first config. First config seems like it had some lag and it was not smooth at all.

Not sure if i am missing something.

Thanks for putting time in getting this tutorial done.

Update-1: Forgot to mention hardware. Logitech G Pro on Cloth pad.
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