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[Fortnite] How-To Create Expert Config - *VIDEO TUTORIAL* - *Fix UPDATE*  (Read 2947 times)

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Re: [Fortnite] How-To Create Expert Config - *VIDEO TUTORIAL*
« Reply #60 on: 01:14 PM - 06/13/18 »
Thank you for your contributions Alan...

I've been using your fast build script and its fantastic.

I'd like to pay tribute by donating some cash, but I don't see a donation tab. PayPal account.?
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Re: [Fortnite] How-To Create Expert Config - *VIDEO TUTORIAL*
« Reply #61 on: 03:36 AM - 06/14/18 »
When i go out i have still slow sens. I can fix it to go again in build menu and use pickaxe. You should have the same sens on build and inventory as your default hip? (fire). Why is this better than the default builder pro? Thx

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Re: [Fortnite] How-To Create Expert Config - *VIDEO TUTORIAL*
« Reply #62 on: 11:16 PM - 06/17/18 »
Several people reported issues with the Expert Config not working properly if:

- pressing Build Button really fast (spamming)
- pressing the next sequence really fast: Build Button, LT/L2, Build Button
- Sensitivity not changing.

I find out the flaw, (thanks Nate36)

On theBuild Mode Sub-config, Smooth Aim Transition must be DISABLED.

Having Smooth Aim Transition enabled doesn't allow XIM Manager to keep up with the changes between combat and build mode, when you press repeatedly and fast the build button.
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