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fortnite pc help just a question  (Read 85 times)

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fortnite pc help just a question
« on: 03:46 PM - 05/16/18 »
is this Xim apex works on pc too? my mouse is G502 and keyboards is G 910. is it really help w aim assist? and how it works? thanks for answering those question im new here:) just wanna know more and how to download it f its works on pc. thnaks

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Re: fortnite pc help just a question
« Reply #1 on: 03:49 PM - 05/16/18 »
Welcome to the community. PC is not a supported gaming platform but some users have been able to use it with PC games by connecting a Microsoft wireless Xbox One controller or a Microsoft wired Xbox 360 controller to XIM. Note that if you're going to use a 360 controller it must be wired, wireless+play and charge kits do not send data over the cable.

I can't comment on aim assist or how it works in fortnite but I can move this thread so others can comment with their experience.
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Re: fortnite pc help just a question
« Reply #2 on: 06:50 PM - 05/16/18 »
Aim assist on fortnite is terrible. I play on both platforms, more on PC because of that.
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