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Scroll Up during ADS not possible / Rainbow 6 / Apex / Sony Nav / G502  (Read 178 times)

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Hi there.

I would like to map lean left  / sprint in Rainbow 6 PS4 to scroll-up on the mouse wheel. The other leaning right is on L3. When I am in Hip mode and scroll up, I start to sprint. Everythin ok. But nothing happens when I am aiming in ADS and Scroll the wheel up. No leaning. Although the Apex Manager registers and displays the scroll up on the wheel when I turn it but nothing happens in game ADS.
In my opinion, Apex simply does not translate that correctly or the functionality is disabled by XIM. This is a missprogramming.

I am coming from Venom X and Venom X4. Have all devices at home also Titan One and Two.
!! With both Titan One / Two and Venom x / x4 you can easily sprint / lean on scroll up. In game sprinting as well as ADS leaning runs without any problems.
The problem here is definitely XIM4 or Xim Apex
Ask for help to the moderators or coders to make this feature go on.

In this post a moderator tested this and tells me to write that to the feedback forum. Here it is.

Is it possible to do a hold and release time to every action key in the Apex manager ? If this will exist there will be no more problems with that.
Thanks in advance
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Have you tried mapping sprint / melee to your side back / forwards buttons? Thatís what Iíve been using since day 1 and itís the best.
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Hi Piiwii,

yes I got it a chance, but that gameplay doesn't really fit my play. I don't understand why Xim don't easily change the settings in the firmware and let us use the scroll buttons. What is the reason they do that ?
Another possibility would be if Logitech make a software where I can change and map the mouse scroll button. I heard in older versions that was possible. But also here what is the reason the changed that ?

I still want to use the scroll button to lean.
Tuact made that possible with the Venom X