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Will there be a swap sticks activation button for XIM APEX  (Read 81 times)

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swap sticks needs and activation button so i can swap sticks when holding a button on the sony NAV, so that i can fly my jet with the left stick as i have done since the 1st ace combat, but then il be able to hold a button on the NAV to swap it to the mouse for aiming to shoot at the tanks/bombing run with far better accuracy than using the left stick, then i would be able to release the button and be able to fly with the left stick again... please add this feature its the only thing missing on XIM4 in my opinion... i have a jet setup ready for if this becomes a feature. this might also be a way of making a compatible joystick actually work on BF also... but atm its impossible to fly with the right stick/mouse as i would be forever lifting the mouse off the mouse mat and also impossible to get used to... thanks
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With the new Analog mapping feature in XIM APEX you will be able to map your Nav's stick to the right controller stick.
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