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Suggestions: After playing with XIM4  (Read 321 times)

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Suggestions: After playing with XIM4
« on: 10:25 AM - 08/06/17 »
Xim4 was a really good thing. I was able to enjoy Battlefield 1 with 95% or more of the same sense of PC.

However, xim4 also has some faults.

First, I placed the sitting on the Z, CTRL, and Left mouse buttons. but I could only set up to Secondary on the XIM4 Manager app. So the gameplay was a bit tough. I wish I had tertiary after secondary.

Secondly, I could not press the Share button on the keyboard (Maybe it's just that I do not know how to set it up!). I hope I can press the Share button with a keyboard that is not Dual Shock.

Third, the DualShock touch pad can be used to input a button or drag it. However, XIM4 can only be set by pressing the touch pad, and dragging is not. I think that if XIM4 supports it, it will guarantee better gameplay.

I do not speak English, but this suggestion is functions I want to use in XIM4. I want to hear a lot about my post.