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The Official XIM "Post Your Setup Pics" Thread  (Read 52614 times)

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Re: The Official XIM "Post Your Setup Pics" Thread
« Reply #105 on: 05:52 AM - 08/02/17 »

I've done a few mods since then but I hid all wires under the desk.

HDMI Splitter + HDMI Switcher + 2 USB Switches among other things involved with my setup.  The second key oard up top is for PS4 chat.
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Re: The Official XIM "Post Your Setup Pics" Thread
« Reply #106 on: 04:15 AM - 10/17/17 »
My Nigerian XIM4 setup.

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Re: The Official XIM "Post Your Setup Pics" Thread
« Reply #107 on: 05:34 PM - 10/17/17 »
I started off as a PC gamer, but have played some console games, too. The keyboard and mouse has always been most comfortable to me. The XIM4 allows me to enjoy console games in a way that feels just like using a PC.

My set-up would not complete without the CouchMaster Cycon. It is so comfortable, sometimes I forget that I am playing games on my couch with a kb + mouse :D. Also, I cannot say enough great things about nerdytec's partner, Steiger Dynamics--their customer service is second-to-none (thank you, Brian!).

Everything fits perfectly inside the CouchMaster Cycon. I have run both of the USB repeaters together as a "tether" between the gaming systems and the Cycon. It takes about 5 minutes to get everything ready to play, but it's absolutely worth it because it's so comfortable being able to be on the couch, recline while gaming, and use my keyboard and mouse.

Thank you for letting me share my set-up!

1. Mouse - Corsair M65 Pro RGB
2. Keyboard - Ducky 2012 Year of the Dragon - (DK9087)(Brown Cherry MX)
3. USB 2.0 switch - IOGEAR 2-Computer 4-Port USB 2.0 Switch (GUS402)

4a. USB 3.0 hub - In-built CouchMaster Cycon (nerdytec)
4b. USB 3.0 repeater - Supplied with CouchMaster Cycon (nerdytec)(length: 5m)
4c. PC (PCPuter)

5a. XIM4
5b. USB 2.0 repeater - Vantec USB Active Repeater Cable (CB-USBARC)(length: 5m)
5c. PS4 Pro

imgur Album:



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Re: The Official XIM "Post Your Setup Pics" Thread
« Reply #108 on: 02:58 PM - 10/30/17 »
Here's my set up. Currently using Razer Basilisk for XIM mouse that's only difference from the pictures. PC Partpicker list for everything else is here. https://pcpartpicker.com/b/3wP323.