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Vehicle Turning Tips  (Read 73870 times)

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Re: Vehicle turning tips and library
« Reply #90 on: 12:00 PM - 11/01/16 »
Whatever works for you. One thing that is less subjective than other values is boost. The value will vary between games and look mechanics.

Open a vanilla setting, no boost, no curve, no yx ratio. Hop in a tank as the driver, set your sensitivity to 1.0 or even .1-.5. Start moving your mouse slowly and you will notice you see no movement. Increase boost as much as necessary until you see movement. Dial it down/up until you find the line where movement starts/stops with boost. You are essentially finding the new deadzone. This is how I came up with 3850 (PS4), 3980 (X1). It is the difference in deadzone between hip and vehicle. Now this is the minimum value you should be using, use a higher value to inflate this for a different (faster) feel. I personally prefer only using boost to make up for the difference.

Has anyone done anything like this for bf1?
Im Looking for tank/airplane settings/curves.
Thank you

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Re: Vehicle Turning Tips
« Reply #91 on: 01:14 PM - 11/28/16 »
Thanks for the tip on how to go about finding the right settings.  I assume this applies to planes as well.

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Re: Vehicle Turning Tips
« Reply #92 on: 01:40 PM - 11/28/16 »
Yes but you are still limited by the game's look mechanic for those vehicles. Planes are more difficult as they usually have the slowest turn speed in a BF game. Its really dependent on what the game developer did with them. I have generally just picked up the controller for planes/jets.
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