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Game Settings
« on: 10:13 PM - 12/07/15 »
For best performance XIM4 requires that you use the maximum in-game sensitivity in your game unless otherwise instructed by XIM4 Manager. These games require additional in-game setup. Please use the in-game settings listed below.

Battlefield 1

Soldier Sensitivity: 100%
Zoom Sensitivity: 200%

Advanced Settings (Left and Right Stick)
Stick Aiming Acceleration: 0
Center Deadzone: 22 (Default)
Axial Deadzone: 15% (Default)
Max Input Threshold: 100% (Default)

BF1's Advanced Settings can be found in game options->controls->advanced.

Battlefield 4

Sensitivity: 100%
Zoom Sensitivity: 200%
Uniform Soldier Aim: Disabled (Default)
Advanced Options: 100% (Default)
Coefficient: 133% (Default)

Battlefield: Hardline

Sensitivity: 100%
Agent Zoom Sensitivity: 100%
Uniform Soldier Aim: Off (Default)

Blacklight: Retribution

Look Sensitivity: 50
Tight Aim: 50
Left Deadzone: 5 (Default)
Right Deadzone: 5 (Default)

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger

Right Deadzone: 100


Horizontal Sensitivity: 100%
Vertical Sensitivity: 100%
Smoothing: 0%

Dishonored 2

X Sensitivity: 100
Y Sensitivity: 100
Friction Level: 0

Drawn to Death

Left/Right Sensitivity: Max
Up/Down Sensitivity: Max
Look Acceleration  Threshold: Yes
Look Acceleration: Minimum

Dying Light

Deadzone: Default

Gears of War 4

Look Sensitivity: 30
Target Sensitivity: 30
Zoom Sensitivity: User Choice
Aim Acceleration: 0
Inner Deadzone: 10
Outer Deadzone: 0

It is recommended that Aim Acceleration is set to 0 however raising this setting to 1-10 will increase the game's turn speed limit at the expense of adding a velocity jump. This will create a sudden increase in velocity which can cause unpredictable aiming.

Grand Theft Auto: V

Third Person Settings
Assisted Aim
Deadzone: 100
Acceleration: 50

First Person Settings
Assisted Aim
Deadzone: 0
Acceleration: 100
Field of View: 100

GTAV support offers first and third person Smart Translators. Be sure to use the appropriate config for your intended camera perspective.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Halo: MCC uses five different Smart Translators. You are required to switch between configs depending on the game you are playing. Halo 2 uses a different look mechanic between Classic and Anniversary. The Halo 2 Classic Smart Translator is to be used for Halo 2 Classic multiplayer maps and the Halo 2 campaign. The Halo 2 Anniversary Smart Translator is to be used for Halo 2 Anniversary multiplayer maps only.
You are also required to set the maximum in-game sensitivity in each game and use the universal default button layout.

Halo 5: Guardians

Button layout: Recon
Sensitivity: Custom
Horizontal Sensitivity: 10
Vertical Sensitivity: 10 (Default)
Acceleration: 1
Inner Deadzone: 12 (Default)
Outer Deadzone: 0

Mass Effect: Andromeda

X Sensitivity: 100%
Y Sensitivity: 100%


Horizontal Sensitivity: 100
Vertical Sensitivity: 100

Advanced Settings
Aim Technique: Exponential Ramp
Aim Smoothing: 0

Overwatch's Advanced Settings can be found in game options->controls->advanced.

Rainbow Six: Siege

Vertical Sensitivity: 100
Horizontal Sensitivity: 100
Left Stick Deadzone: 10 (Default)
Right Stick Deadzone: 10 (Default)
Aim Down Sights: 100

Titanfall 2

Sensitivity: 8
Response Curve: Classic
Deadzone: Small

The Division

Camera Sensitivity: 100
Aim Sensitivity: 100
Deadzone: 40
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