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(EU) PS4 LFG Overwatch  (Read 35 times)

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(EU) PS4 LFG Overwatch
« on: 11:47 AM - 09/25/17 »

Looking for a Duo partner in Overwatch for Competitive.
Got back into the game after a break. Was GM/Top 500 in S2 and Master in S3, S4.
Right now sitting at 3300.

I mainly Flex, but preffer to play DPS (learning Tracer now).
I play after work hours and sometimes in the weekends.

Looking for someone with a mic, above 18y old, overall rating >3k and a positive attitude.
Hit me up with your PSN id if interested.

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Re: (EU) PS4 LFG Overwatch
« Reply #1 on: Today at 08:28 AM »
Hi Crosy,

I am from UK, 29 Years old, also play most evenings after work and at weekends if nothings planned with the missus...

I have my own Overwatch team (Takz Man Army), theirs around 20 of us in it but we usually keep our 6 stacks the same 6-8 players all the time so everyone knows the strats for each map..

My SR fluctuates between 2600-2800, I am flex too, although my best character is Zarya.

The rest in my team are all non-XIM users and are all in gold/platinum...

If you're interested in joining us for a few games sometime let me know because I am looking for a few more players to join the group who can break us out of plat and into diamond+ but I am weary who to let join because our group is really cool at the moment, we all have a laugh at the same time as trying to win, and we're actually all meeting up in London in December (10 of us from the group all meeting). We don't have time for fools, tools or angry people (or squeakers).

Most of the players in the group were all Silver players before I started  the team up, I've helped them get into platinum in the space of 3-4 weeks simply by calling out the right team comps, we're improving all the time.

Send me your PSN if you're interested, I actually posted on here a while back it'd be cool to get a 6 stack full of XIM players going.