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XIM SDK 20110928
« on: 12:59 AM - 09/29/11 »
XIM Peripheral Bridge Software Development Kit (SDK)

The XIM Peripheral Bridge SDK opens XIM3 to an endless set of gaming scenarios and possibilities. The Peripheral Bridge enables XIM3 to interface with any gaming device through a PC. It does this through:

  • A standard ?Easy Transfer? USB cable that connects the XIM3 to a PC, and
  • Special custom software written by developers (called ?XIM Apps?) that uses the SDK to send commands to XIM3

The ?XIMBridge? application programming interface (API) is used to interact with XIM3. XIM3 understands mice, keyboards, joysticks, and controllers. The API enables applications to simulate any of these devices. Because of this, XIM3?s operation (i.e. its Configuration and the use of Smart Translators) remain exactly the same. The only difference is that the peripherals that XIM3 reads can be emulated.

NOTE: A wired controller must still be connected to XIM3 for XIMBridge to function and at least firmware version 20110928 running on your XIM3.

XIMBridge is designed to enable additional support for a variety of devices, such as:

  • Resource-intensive motion tracking technology such as Kinect
  • Motion control devices, such as Nintendo Wii Remotes, Sony Move, and TrackIR
  • Racing wheels and flight sticks
  • Accessibility aides for gamers with disabilities

The SDK also comes with XIMCommander. XIMCommander is a sample application that simply passes your computer?s mouse and keyboard input to XIM3. It is used to validate that your XIMBridge configuration is working correctly. It can also be used by gamers that prefer to share a single mouse and keyboard between both their PC and XIM3 without using a switch box.

Please refer to the XIM Peripheral Bridge User Manual for information about how XIM3 is connected to your PC and what USB Transfer Cables are supported.
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