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*****Narrowing Solutions for Madcatz Panther XL v. 3.0 support*****  (Read 1753 times)

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In reading through the blogs here, I find I'm not the only one trying to find a solution for PantherXL support by the XIM3.  If you guys ever used one, you'd understand why for many of us, this is the only viable solution to Microsofts Swizzle-Stick controller or stay with the PC.

Here is the problem with the Panther XL v3 and the XIM3.  Actually, we have two problems, but the curing of one is all we need.

One problem that could be cured by supporting the PantherXL in joystick mode, however, according to Steveo the Panther XL v.3 uses a rather rare joystick config. This being said, the XIM3 could support it if code was written for it. (hint, hint)
Two. When the Panther XL is operating in keystick mode, it relies upon 4 independent keysticks, each capable of 4 key functions, giving the Panther XL v.3 support for a full 16 programmable key functions via the USB connector, and can save these functions to the stick itself. For whatever reason, our PC gives full control of these 16 functions using the 4 keysticks, and does so seamlessly via one USB connection. However, for whatever reason the XIM3 only picks up one of the four keysticks, giving programmable control to only 4 key functions. From what I gather, we need a keystick capable of 16 independent functions on it's own, or find a way to combine the four we do have to be recognized as one keystick OR somehow once again get the XIM3 to support more than one keystick.

I spoke with Steveo from Assassin 3D (creator is the modified Panther XL) a few days ago (he is going on vacation but assured me he'd inform the software/hardware engineer of this problem before leaving).  Trust me my friends, we WILL get this figured out. I'm useless without my Panther, and I have several. 
Why does it always take a third party to do the job right?