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XIM APEX Discussions / Re: What Mouse Should i choose? XimApex
« Last post by Minipeace on Today at 02:51 AM »
Ive got a simple £10 Cherry KC 1000 keyboard. Works fine and for a tenner.
I am hoping though the wooting two is a good keyboard when itís released and thatís the one one Iím eyeing up but the Cherry works fine for what I need.

Is it possible you can send me a link for that keyboard m8?

Here we are.

I noticed Amazon have raised it by a fiver as their prime one is temp out of stock, typical Amazon. Itís ok, does the job.
General Discussion / Re: New headphones
« Last post by Minipeace on Today at 02:43 AM »
Ive tried a few headsets on my PS4 and all the gaming ones are so so but they do the job.
Last year I tried the LS40 from lucid sound and they were ok but mic monitoring side of it was poor and real pain as itís set on the volume.
Ive now ended up with the Astro A50 which are ok, again typical headset where you donít expect top of field sound quality but I like the ability to have preset sound profiles that can be adjusted.
Ive also had the Sony Golds and I did try the platinum but itís rattle from the buttons drove me crazy but both do a fair job but I did find they were both a tad uncomfortable if worn for a period.
Od1n talks about it in his aim assist tuning video. It really is just personal preference
Game Support / Re: [XIM APEX] Fortnite - Share your settings here
« Last post by Sl3vin on Today at 02:01 AM »
I see many people using 3200 to 4000 DPI , why dont they go further? What's the benefit of staying at a low DPI? I would go down there but i realized AA is stronger the lower i go, the Higher the DPI the weaker AA becomes and i like that ,but if there is a benefit to low DPI i can try getting used to it.

So,is this just a preference thing or is there some science going on behind this? Must seem like a silly question but i suposse im a Xim noob <\3 thanks in advance
Game Support / Re: [XIM APEX] Fortnite - Share your settings here
« Last post by Macpics on Today at 01:52 AM »
Hi, i would like to know if it's possible to configurate everything with my xim apex, like stairs, walls, select a weapon directly instead of swiping them ?
Oh my god, that is insane AA but i know some ppl like that,im the type that doesn't like too much AA. Do you play at high or low sens? I am very curious.
XIM APEX Discussions / Re: XIM APEX Rainbow 6 Siege
« Last post by achiang7 on Today at 01:48 AM »
This video helped me,its very detailed and if you got any questions the owner of the channel usually replies.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: XIM APEX Rainbow 6 Siege
« Last post by achiang7 on Today at 01:48 AM »
Raise the smoothing a bit more to see if it helps. I think it may have to do with your dpi being on the lower end of what people use though.
ohhh forreal? should i try 10000 DPI? maybe thatll help? thanks for the advice!

I have a question, why don't you use any of the sync options? Just preference? No real reason for asking, just curious. My current settings are:

Sync Common
12k dpi @ 1kHz
HIP 23 with 4 smoothing
ADS 20 with 4 smoothing and 1.2 Y/X ratio
No curves

These have worked for ME for months now. You're not going to find any perfect settings because there's no such thing. Find something that feels comfortable to you and build up that muscle memory. But it seems like your only issue was the micro-stuttering so I hope you got that squared away and are good to go now.
i havent been on but im going to try it now and turn up my DPI....thanks for the help! the micro stuttering isnt really an issue its just i get called out within seconds because people see the stuttering and i wanna try and avoid that. also what are your deadzones at? thanks!
XIM APEX Discussions / Re: See you later, Xim Cowboys.
« Last post by MercyOnCall on Today at 01:35 AM »
Reading through this again i really wonder.. what exactly feels off on OW with the APEX? I was gonna make a post but i decided this was a better place to ask,i dont wanna create the impression i am trying to bash the product by making a post about it cus im happy with the experience i have with the X4. So please,someone explain to me why the APEX feels "off" compared to Xim 4 overwatch. I already ordered an Apex but its gonna be a while until i get it , my country is not the best at deliveries . Overwatch on Xim 4 feels good imo but it gets "floaty" when theres too many enemies on screen and the movement is kinda sluggish as a whole.. Kinda like Rainbow six siege , theyre very playable though and i do better in those games with Xim 4 than I would with a controller.

So, thats my impression of overwatch with X4. id appreciate knowing how people percieve OW with a Xim Apex . I heard some ppl say it feels better but they dont specify why .
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