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Deutsch / Tastatur wahl
« Last post by leadtek on 02:50 PM - 06/21/18 »
Hi und zwar such ich eine Tastatur.....
Hab mir hier natürlich einiges durchgelesen und hatte mir die orbweaver gekauft komme damit aber leider überhaupt nicht klar also muss ich jetzt auf eine Flache tastatur wechseln .
Da ich die Logitech g502 Maus habe macht das ehr Sinn die Logitech g910 zu kaufen oder passt auch die razer blackwidow?
Möchte in Zukunft ein bisschen mit Makros arbeiten daher die Frage
Bin natürlich auch für andere Empfehlungen offen
XIM APEX Discussions / Re: MW3 backwards compatible on XB1...
« Last post by spawnpeekingyager on 02:39 PM - 06/21/18 »
The XIM feels really nice on it, too bad my xbox is trash and at some points I crash every game I join into
They really need seperate in game sensitivities for different weapons. I used to love the scoped AR before they made these changes. Scoped AR, hunting rifle and bolt/semi sniper need seperate sensitivity sliders. And oh what I would give for an aim assist slider.

They do have different sensitivity are you for real?

I think you need to reread my post. There is ADS sensitivity and Scoped sensitivity currently. I’m saying that it would be nice to also have a sensitivity slider specifically for scoped AR and hunting rifle.

Also, a seperate sensitivity for when in build mode.

Is already a option for separate sensitivity in build mode look on forums

Yeah, but it's buggy and not completely reliable. Last thing I'd want is to be in a build battle and then my sensitivity goes crazy while I'm trying to shoot.

An integrated xim build mode sensitivity would be awesome, but idk if that's even possible.
If the xim 4 is better for overwatch can we have a xim 4 mode in the apex ?
It would be appreciated, thanks

Set your Apex to 125Hz and Sync off. You're at XIM4 settings. BTW, XIM4 is not better, no clue where you got that from.

Sync default and 125hz to get xim4 settings :)
Welcome to the community. This can be fixed outside of the app. Go to phone settings-general-keyboard and remove additional languages. Next, go to phone settings-general-language & region and remove additional languages.
Support / Re: [ACTIVE] Xim Apex Factory Reset
« Last post by mist4fun on 02:18 PM - 06/21/18 »
Yes, that order should help. I don't anticipate a change in sensitivity if you follow this order.
Support / Re: [ACTIVE] Xim Apex Factory Reset
« Last post by donny381 on 02:15 PM - 06/21/18 »
So choose a config, only set my response rate save that, the unplug the xim and plug it back in, then finish settting up the key bindings?
Just another perception that people think that switching to a MnK will make you an instant god.

This has always been the case here. People still don't understand that there isn't a God config, and don't want to put in the time to get good. There should be something explaining this somewhere on the purchase page. People come here assuming they'll be at pro level simply by purchasing a kb/m adapter.
You guys will never learn... Each person has their own style of movement. From aiming to dpi to almost everything about the apex, even monitor size.. Everything factors in.. Some people prefer smoothing on 20, i say smoothing gives me a delay. So who is right?

If someone posts a setting and says its the best setting out there, they are wrong because you wont be compatible with that setting unless you are using the exact set up as the user that posted it.

All you have to do is figure out a sweet spot for the dpi on your mouse" your cuves and every good setting you thing is imaginable. Find the skyline, fence or what ever you are looking at and trace it. If you cant even come close then the setting wont work for you. Like i said people use different equipment!

Rant over.
Like I said in the title after an update some time ago everything changed to Chinese or Japanese. And it wasn't that big of a problem because everything was simple. But when you guys updated it to make the mouse movements more precise (thank you) its still in Chinese and so its to the point now to where I need it back to English.
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