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General Discussion / Re: New headphones
« Last post by Redrabbit5 on Today at 01:58 PM »
Mixamp Pro 2013 is an excellent bit of kit and of course I highly recommend the AD700s. I have no experience of the Beyers or the Zalman mic.

If you need a mic, Mod Mic is probably the way to go.

Also many people talk about hyper x headphone,are good?
Hardware Compatbility / Re: Grifta works with APEX
« Last post by R3MiX on Today at 01:56 PM »
Anyone one of it works with XIM link? I've read that PC mode works perfectly so I'm wondering if using link would be the same.
Deutsch / Re: Fragen zum Xim Apex
« Last post by Apfelsaft on Today at 01:53 PM »
Ja Amazon hat das Packet, welches zurückgesendet worde, angeblich nie erhalten haben und haben mir deswegen ne Rechnung geschickt da ich das Produkt ja noch hätte. Anwalt meinte das sich da nichts machen lässt. Habe jetzt auch ein Angebot bei ebay gefunden - https://www.ebay.de/itm/XIM-APEX-Precision-Maus-Tastatur-Konverter-Adapter-Fuer-Xbox-One-360-PS3-PS4-/273149536161 . Ich nutze iOS und da ist es offiziell nicht möglich ältere Versionen von Apps zu laden, das ist richtig. Wie schauts denn mit dem Problem aufgrund älterer Firmware aus, das die Konsole den Adapter, bzw den Controller durch den Adapter nicht mehr erkennt? Ja gut dreier K/D ist mir nicht genug und ich will mehr. ^^ Aber durch meine lange Pause zocke ich nun mal nicht mehr so gut wie früher. Nun muss ich nur noch nach geeigneter Tastatur und Maus umschauen.
Beta / Re: Configuring Boost Suggestion for XIM Team
« Last post by Frash brang on Today at 01:31 PM »
Maybe the Dev team will bring boost back if we ask nicely.

Dear xim people, please could you consider bringing boost back and implement it exactly like in xim4.

Your first apex manager had boost but it did not work. So you must of thought it should continue to be a function? But instead of fixing it, it was removed.

I would use it to recreate skimwow's rainbow 6 seige settings (absolutely and undoubtedly better than the standard St) I'd also use boost to create the snappy feel  for destiny 2 which rml achieved in destiny 1.

Thanks in advance for deciding to bring boost back :)
Support / Re: Can use nunchuck (FragFX shark ps4) with XIM APEX
« Last post by mist4fun on Today at 01:27 PM »
Welcome to the community. I don't think this is compatible with XIM but the Sony Nav is supported.
Beta / Re: Make boost great again
« Last post by Frash brang on Today at 01:24 PM »
I've posted but no one has responded. Antithesis, can we play games together?
XIM APEX Discussions / Re: See you later, Xim Cowboys.
« Last post by Frash brang on Today at 01:21 PM »
Mental health is a condition we should take seriously.

I for one enjoy the act of cupcaking myself.

Salty, Im here for you should you want to talk. Pm me baby. Don't let antithesis upset you x
It's higher, I'd check myself but I sold my Xim4.
Support / [Q/A] Can use nunchuck (FragFX shark ps4) with XIM APEX
« Last post by Boon_run on Today at 01:13 PM »
Hi everyone

got my Xim apex today and I don't like to play with a keyboard.
I have nunchuck (FragFX shark ps4) So i want to play with Xim apex
I want to ask what do I do?
Support / Re: [ACTIVE] Changed my consol... Xim 4 not working
« Last post by Jean8 on Today at 01:05 PM »
Oh it just work ! I updated the firmware. I didnt hold the P button.. Thats why.
Now i will try it this evening. I will post back here positif or negatif.
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