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Yeah that's my bad hehe, forgot to enable it on code. I was testing a new algorithm for EAA.

Is working now. Updated.

The toggle (Hold RELOAD, Press MAP, Release Reload) was removed. It should be enable at the Interactive Configuration.

This is how the new Faze-Tfue peek shoot activation works:

General Discussion / I am a true Troll
« Last post by LolPop on Today at 04:09 PM »
I love myself so much because of how triggered people get even when I'm not trying to offend them or say anything bad to them. It is the same in real life and on the internet. Me being serious means people get legitimately angry. Me trying to be funny = people think I have something against them. Me being negative, people want to kill me. Only my closest friends and loved-ones can distinguish between my serious and my funny side.

This and my twisted sense of humor which makes the thing above comedy gold, means I always feel positive and in great mood.

The only thing that can change that is me losing in an online game for some reason. That's when I get warnings here and reports on every social media site for owning, annihilating and destroying illogical SJWs.

Then I feel good again :)
XIM 4 Discussions / Re: XIM 4 CURVE
« Last post by warren57 on Today at 04:00 PM »
So I tried making the precision curve from the video on my xim 4, but it didn't work too well. It looks similar to the one in the video, but it doesn't work well at all. Any tips on how to make them?
Game Support / Xim apex/ps4/fortnite any new settings?! Post here!
« Last post by Jamz91 on Today at 03:47 PM »
Post your settings here im looking to try some new stuff out if you all have anything you favor most!
General Discussion / Cod crouch keybind
« Last post by Hsinotsha on Today at 03:26 PM »
What button do you use for crouch on cod?
XIM APEX Discussions / Re: What Mouse Should i choose? XimApex
« Last post by lmulli on Today at 03:21 PM »
Can't go wrong with a G502.  Great sensor, comfortable to use, and the main thing is that it has a myriad of buttons, which, when used in conjunction with the Nav controller allows you to map pretty much all the buttons you need to.

If only Logitech would bring out a wireless version!
XIM APEX Discussions / Re: See you later, Xim Cowboys.
« Last post by Saltywatch on Today at 03:13 PM »
Reading through this again i really wonder.. what exactly feels off on OW with the APEX? I was gonna make a post but i decided this was a better place to ask,i dont wanna create the impression i am trying to bash the product by making a post about it cus im happy with the experience i have with the X4. So please,someone explain to me why the APEX feels "off" compared to Xim 4 overwatch. I already ordered an Apex but its gonna be a while until i get it , my country is not the best at deliveries . Overwatch on Xim 4 feels good imo but it gets "floaty" when theres too many enemies on screen and the movement is kinda sluggish as a whole.. Kinda like Rainbow six siege , theyre very playable though and i do better in those games with Xim 4 than I would with a controller.

So, thats my impression of overwatch with X4. id appreciate knowing how people percieve OW with a Xim Apex . I heard some ppl say it feels better but they dont specify why .

Only came back to respond to this last question, as itís  relevant and I donít want it swept under rug

Over watch feels even more floaty and less responsive on apex and switching to default and 125 Hz doesnít feel the same.   Also SteadyAim3 helps in overwatch a lot in terms of aim assist

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: XIM APEX Rainbow 6 Siege
« Last post by wicked96ta on Today at 03:08 PM »
I can't remember my dead zones because I remember changing them during the XIM4 days, but they might be back at what Mist recommended. I'll edit this post when I get home and verify.

Yeah, I don't get the crosshair sway like you do, but I'm sure we'll figure it out.
Game Support / Re: War Thunder xbox options?
« Last post by f00bar on Today at 02:42 PM »
wont be any better with a mouse. you will run out of mousepad very quickly trying to fly around.

How so worse than any other game? Certainly the flying aspect seems to be completely geared around mouse play. The whole this is cursor mouse driven. The plane flies to where you have the cursor, not using the mouse to control pitch and yaw.
General Discussion / Re: New headphones
« Last post by Dodge on Today at 02:11 PM »
Mixamp Pro 2013 is an excellent bit of kit and of course I highly recommend the AD700s. I have no experience of the Beyers or the Zalman mic.

If you need a mic, Mod Mic is probably the way to go.

Also many people talk about hyper x headphone,are good?

Cloud II with the new Adapter for PS4  sounds very good for that price.
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