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Support / Re: [ACTIVE] apex work working
« Last post by johntday on Today at 01:18 AM »

However, when I connect apex to the xbox (with mouse, keyboard, and controller connected via your USB hub) the controller xbox light does NOT light up.  I have to manually click on the controller xbox light button to enable it.
Support / Re: [ACTIVE] Brauche hilfe xim4 ps4 Pro
« Last post by xXCanFight3rXx on Today at 01:17 AM »
Good morning I have the lower one
XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Best pubg apex settings
« Last post by full58 on Today at 01:00 AM »
I use off sync setting. and I also have my ads higher than my hip..but that's what I like
XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Fortnite issue
« Last post by Pault22 on Today at 12:48 AM »
Yes exactly! Yes thatís exactly whatís happening.  Hopefully they get it fixed soon t has gotten me killed numerous times
Support / ***Please Delete My Account***
« Last post by Lyfe on Today at 12:24 AM »
Well its been a good run with using the Xim. I enjoyed playing on console ever since the Xim3 with mouse and kb and unfortunately its time for me to hang it up. Much props and respect to the Xim team and company. You guys rock!

Signing off..(please delete my account moderators)
XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Fortnite issue
« Last post by Axelstrife on 11:59 PM - 04/22/18 »
I have a issue that sometimes when in the middle of a fight say i shoot with a pump then switch to AR to finish the AR wont shoot for like a full second, same if i switch to the pump then that wont shoot for a full second even after the animation completes.
XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Battlefield 1 Apex Settings Needed
« Last post by mjboor911 on 11:44 PM - 04/22/18 »
After trying out various syncs, DPi's, Hertz, I have decided to use my mouse (G502) at 12K and 1000hz on a Cloth Pad (Roccat Taito Control)

At the moment, I am using:

Default Sync
Hip  7.25
ADS  6.25

FOV is set to 80 Vertical (can't remember what that equates to on the Horizontal) which allows me to see that little bit more, but not like I'm looking through a goldfish bowl.

Coefficient left at the default of 133

133 coefficient is meant for default fov. I use 90 fov and the coefficient of 178 so you should definitely be using something closer to that.

Since you are using uniform soldier aiming you should delete the ads activation key to disable it and use the hip translator for everything. Works better for me.

I find that 12kdpi performs better in bf1 using no sync. I really like using lower dpi 6400 or less with common sync.

Hope this was helpful to some degree.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Fortnite issue
« Last post by Mongoose87 on 11:43 PM - 04/22/18 »
This is a bug with Fortnite since the 2nd last Fortnite update. Epic are aware of the problem and working on a fix. Itís when you are shooting and go in and out of hip fire / ads that your weapon will stop shooting. Itís really frustrating sometimes and has definitely gotten me killed a few times.
Hardware Compatbility / Re: Roccat Leadr compatibly issues
« Last post by mjboor911 on 10:58 PM - 04/22/18 »
I resisted to write the same message as you, even if the desire was there, because I have the impression that this problem will not be solved ... In any case no answer ... Not very respectful of do not even answer.

I just had a dream that he answered
Hardware Compatibility / Re: ROCCAT leadr
« Last post by mjboor911 on 10:56 PM - 04/22/18 »
in order to make my contribution, I confirm that by leaving the button on "on", after having defined its keys and all the parameters (color, dpi, profile 5 in total etc...) with  swarm app , it is enough to unplug the usb from the computer and plug it into the xim apex in my case, everything is backed up. The big problem is that even turning off the console and the xim, the mouse must be left on. otherwise it is necessary to reconnect it to the pc and redo the manipulation. on the other hand the wireless does not work unless you change the settings of the joystick axes in xim manager, but this is problematic because we do not have any more all keys

I'm so thankful for your contribution

Also are telling me that you manage to solve the ( J up ) thing
By disabling the joystick axis !!
Thats good news

But will this affect me if i play with ps nav?

unfortunately yes ... I just observed that by changing the values ​​of the joystick axes it affected the problem, but bringing other problem. I hoped that it could give Obsiv a further indication for a solution. in your case I think it will affect the proper functioning of the nav

 FYI Obsiv 
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