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Yup, here it is dude.
I tried this it works fine but in the heat of the moment it gets out of sync way to often I made active key q build mode and deactivate key q aswell it got out of sync I made it f I made build mode empty no key in build mode confit and it just gets out of sync really often
You must be tapping it really fast (spamming) or there is something wrong in your setup, like the delay time.
Nope delay 300 for build and 200 for inventory

Be sure to DISABLE Smooth Aim Transition from the Build Mode Sub-Config.

One fella help me to detect the flaw, having this enable doesn't allow to XIM Manager to keep up with fast and repeated presses of the build button.

Several people reported issues with the Expert Config not working properly if:

- pressing Build Button really fast (spamming)
- pressing the next sequence really fast: Build Button, LT/L2, Build Button
- Sensitivity not changing.

I find out the flaw, (thanks Nate36)

On theBuild Mode Sub-config, Smooth Aim Transition must be DISABLED.

Having Smooth Aim Transition enabled doesn't allow XIM Manager to keep up with the changes between combat and build mode, when you press repeatedly and fast the build button.
I just check, the script by itself, zero problems by doing the B, LT, B as fast I can.

I checked with the Expert Config on, also no problems... however, I have Smooth Aim Transition Disabled. That was one step I forgot to mention in the guide. Try it, that might be causing the problem.

Confirmed. Smooth Aim Transition Enabled, makes the Expert Config fail. XIM Manager doesn't keep up with the changes by switching fasting build mode.

Thanks guys that info was crucial to detect the flaw. I'm going to updated on the Expert Config Thread too.
Game Support / Re: Gang Beasts game
« Last post by thediscobiscuits on Today at 10:38 PM »
Awesome, thanks.

Luckily they have the controls setup for both PS4 and PC so I can just match that up in any config, right? Sweet stuff. Hehe.
First of all .... hello again sweet community ....
Second.....the stick aim sens is by defulte 100 and recommended to be maxout to 200 % my question is that does the  recommended setting by xim tech for bf1 include the scoops 1 and 2 .. 3  6 8 10  sensitivities to be all maxed out all to 200% .... 
Thx all
The script by itself works great by. I have been having problems with the expert config the whole time I have been using it.
just bought the xim apex wanted to know if itll work with these headphones
Game Support / Re: Post your Overwatch Settings
« Last post by MercyOneTrick on Today at 10:13 PM »
Well I played comp yesterday and 20 hip sens at 12k dpi (with xim4) actually felt alright with some heroes like tracer, soldier, mercy, brigitte etc. I think it works with some characters but others it’s bad (mccree widow etc.) Also I think switching mouse pads helped, I was using the mm600 but I switched back to the Roccat alumic which felt better
XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Copying Configs....
« Last post by bc525 on Today at 10:10 PM »
No...if I copy a config to a new config, the aux configs do not work on the copy...for instance my inventory config that you need to hold a button down to activate. But it works in the original that I copied from..
General Discussion / Re: Nitendo Switch + Fortnite
« Last post by honeymonth on Today at 10:01 PM »
Xim with switch kinda defeats the purpose of the whole “portable” thing. You wouldn’t use xim with switch on the go and if you’re gaming @ your house and want to use mouse and keyboard you can just play on your Xbox/PS4/PC

I think the ideal implementation of Xim-Nintendo Switch support has both USB 2.0 for docked mode and USB-C for playing in handheld mode. All one really needs to carry to make portable Xim-Switch a reality is a mouse and a play-stand for the Nintendo Switch. I wouldn't even bother with a keyboard as the left joycon gets the job done. I'll keep holding out hope for Switch support someday.
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