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I have a headache now.  The Xim4 worked fine up until today.  I left the game setup as is and did not change anything.  When I came back, I noticed when I start playing, the crosshair would point in the air and spin as fast as Superman would.  There is noway to move the mouse to point somewhere else/.  The moment I unplug the Roccat Leadr USB dock from Xim4, all spinning stops.  What could be the issue here?  I have updated Xim4 to the 2017 firmware, but it also worked fine before.  I'd upload a video of what spinning like Superman looks like, but you will also get a headache...

This is a tough one...
Game Support / Re: Star Wars Battlefront 2: Post your settings.
« Last post by alanmcgregor on Today at 08:12 PM »

Mouse: Logitech G402 4000 dpi, I'm using a large mousepad I'm low sensitivity player.

In-Game 100% Max sensitivity Soldier, Vehicles etc.

XIM Sens: 10.00, Hip Translator + RML Hip Anti-Aim Assist Curve (currently testing, doing great)

ADS: 10.00, Hip Translator. I'm advocate of having a consistent sensitivity, my zoom mode is set to toggle, so pretty much I'm using same as hip.


Star Fighters.
XIM Sens: 36.00, Turn Assist in the same button as my sprint button (Side Mouse4)

Even though is 260% my hip sens, in game I move the crosshair at the same hip distance with this setting, being again consistent. However on Starfighters when I need a hard turn I press turn assist to complete the drag of the mouse.

For the ground vehicles, I did have anything yet. Last night I get on the AT-AT and I can see it needs a special config, maybe switch the joysticks so you can aim with mouse.

-How I'm doing?. Well I got the game on PC too, and this is the closest I can feel on feeling a precise control, consistent flicks on 60, 90, 160 turns. I try aim-assist on, off and now RML curve. Aim-assist on, is annoying while shooting a cluster of enemies, RML feels like a nice medium but again, I prefer a consistent move, no-acceleration involve.

General Discussion / Re: Logitech G933 good or bad idea
« Last post by Dave R on Today at 08:09 PM »
XIM 4 Discussions / Re: CoD: WWII Sensitivty question
« Last post by rcrnt on Today at 08:02 PM »
Xbox one as well. Might just have to experiment
XIM 4 Discussions / Re: CoD: WWII Sensitivty question
« Last post by Call_Me_Ozne on Today at 07:50 PM »
I'm on Xbox one, I noticed these are slower on PS4
XIM 4 Discussions / Re: CoD: WWII Sensitivty question
« Last post by rcrnt on Today at 07:47 PM »
That seems to slow but idk. Almost unplayable. Having trouble nailing a good sensitivity
XIM 4 Discussions / Re: CoD: WWII Sensitivty question
« Last post by Call_Me_Ozne on Today at 07:44 PM »
Around same as me.

I use 4800 dpi

6 Hip
3.4 ADS
320 ADS Activation Delay

0.75 x/y ratio on hip and ads

No steady aim.

Mouse is DM1 S Pro
Game Support / WW2 ADS Delay
« Last post by Call_Me_Ozne on Today at 07:40 PM »
I found the best delay for everything to be 320, try it out and lmk.

This is XB1, not sure if same value is good on PS4
Hardware Compatibility / Re: Splitfish FragFx Shark
« Last post by prb.amaral on Today at 07:34 PM »
Hi everyone. You guys know if the ratio keep 1:1 if we use splitfish shark (nunchuk and mouse) with xim4? And the acceleration of this controller? It's gone with xim4?

I just bought both, splitfish fragfx shark for ps4 (new generation licensed by sony) and the xim4 but only fragfx arrived. After read a lot of both controllers, I decided to use the xim4. But, as I'm already adapted with shark buttons I was thinking to use both, but without sacrifice the ratio of xim4.

Please, if somebody can help me let the informations here ok? Thanks a lot and best regards.
XIM 4 Discussions / CoD: WWII Sensitivty question
« Last post by rcrnt on Today at 07:25 PM »
Is there any way to calculate controller sensitivity to xim? Or get a pretty close estimate. I'm on 3200 dpi. I play 8 sens on controller and want it matched to that. Current settings work decently but I think they can be better
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