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XIM APEX Discussions / Re: How long now?
« Last post by vikram_101 on Today at 04:19 AM »
If everything goes as planned probably expecting a release next Sunday(not tomorrow) through next Wednesday
This would be awesome :)
I obviously have game mode enabled.

It's a small TV but it has a monitor like size.

But either way is there much of a difference on console between the 3389 sensor and the 3366 sensor? Sure the 3366 sensor is more raw But does the extra 6.4ms delay added to the 8ms delay that's already in the controller with the smoothing the 3389 uses unnoticeable?
Xbox / Re: pissed at xbox
« Last post by steadydecline on Today at 03:54 AM »
Thanks for the explanation , the "native 4K " hype was a letdown as evidence in Battlefield 1 due to the issue of scaling apparently, guess the lesson is buyer beware of skewed marketing

never set your expectations based on marketing... do research.
Support / Re: [ACTIVE] Please help!!!!!
« Last post by antithesis on Today at 03:48 AM »
Got it taken care of! After all that it was the cable that connects the controller to the XIM4.
That's probably the most common Xim issue. Nice job sorting it out.
General Discussion / Re: An interesting tidbit from Ybarra
« Last post by antithesis on Today at 03:44 AM »
Sony consoles have had mouse support dating all the way back to the PS1. Both PS3 and PS4 launched with m/kb support. I bought a PS3 based solely on Unreal Tournament III having native mouse support.

If m/kb was any more than a niche, we'd have far better native support than we do on console. Even in games that support native m/kb, Xim offers far greater customisation and performs better, so there will always be a demand for the product.
General Discussion / Re: An interesting tidbit from Ybarra
« Last post by marvelouslie on Today at 03:33 AM »
Regarding your point, antithesis, I think you're right. I think a lot of console players resent being called a "peasant" by PC gamers looking to take the piss out of us. Though, to be fair, there are a LOT of them that take "PC MASTER RACE" seriously, and it's cringe inducing watching them sperg out over it. I don't use a XIM, as I don't have the extra funds to buy one just yet, but I do plan on buying one in the next year or so after APEX releases. I really hope the guys over at XIM's dev team respond to this and defend it. They've already had to defend the existence of XIM once before due to Kaplan and Overwatch's team of sycophants. Until Sony and Microsoft allow native M/KB support, controller players will continue to be salty. Demands for people to be put in separate servers is incredibly laughable, considering they'd be essentially calling disabled gamers that use the XIM "cheaters". The lack of empathy coming from these people is actually quite telling.
Game Support / Re: Fortnite needs so much tweaking and changes.
« Last post by thepr0 on Today at 02:38 AM »
the game has a few bugs it has nothing to do with the performance of the xim.  Hopefully they will fix some of these issues on the next patch
Game Support / Re: Problem with g903 12k DPI - aim jumping
« Last post by antithesis on Today at 02:37 AM »
Console games have turn-speed limits, there's little the Xim can do about that.

Tweak your sensitivity so that your turn-speed is high in HIP and aim is accurate in ADS.

Ballistics Curves that ramp upwards over time can help with both low speed control and high speed turning.
General Discussion / Re: An interesting tidbit from Ybarra
« Last post by antithesis on Today at 01:22 AM »
Steering wheel. Arcade stick. Flight controller. Plastic guitar. They're all better tools for the job than a controller and offer a distinct competitive advantage. Does anyone piss and moan about any of them?

I don't know what it is about m/kb that gets the controller crowd so worked up. Maybe it's the stigma of console peasant vs PC master race triggering their insecurities.

For me, I'm a hundred-fold better with a mouse than a controller. It's a joke how bad I am with a DS4 or Elite in my hands. I was raised on WASD, I simply want the choice to use my preferred controls on my devices.

If Sony and MS want me to buy their biggest selling games on their platforms, give me the choice to use m/kb. That's it, game over...there's no other reason for me to use a Xim. I wouldn't be a console gamer without one.
XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Mapping Mouse Buttons
« Last post by antithesis on Today at 01:14 AM »
Depends on your mouse, most have no problem mapping the side buttons on a Xim.
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