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XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Destiny PvP : Should I use curves ?
« Last post by RML on Today at 01:31 PM »
I say stick to what you're used to, if it works it works. Don't go seeking the Holy Grail if you don't need to.
Commander / Re: Commander Mode stuck in "connecting" loop
« Last post by mist4fun on Today at 12:55 PM »
I've moved your thread to the commander section where people familiar with it can help.
Support / MOVED: Commander Mode stuck in "connecting" loop
« Last post by mist4fun on Today at 12:54 PM »
Commander / Commander Mode stuck in "connecting" loop
« Last post by Snakeskin on Today at 12:29 PM »
Hello Xim people I love you all,

So I am currently trying to run Xim Manager in Commander mode with SandhawC. However, every time I try to connect to my Xim with my computer, it is stuck in this "connecting" loop, meaning it just says "connecting" with the spinning crosshair forever.

I have already tried the following:
- Re-flash the Xim to factory defaults and update.
- Re-install everything (Xim Manager, SandhawC, Xim Flash)
- Switch the sides of the Belkin Easy Transfer Cable
- Re-pair with Bluetooth.

I am running Windows 7 and have a W7 Transfer Cable. It has worked before but all of a sudden my sensitivity jumped up (same sensitivity in Xim Manager but the actual sensitivity increased greatly) and I got a ton of stuttering so I deleted everything and re-installed everything and viola a new problem hath arisen.

I am certain that it is not SandhawC as I cannot get the Xim Manager on its own to connect in Commander Mode.

Thank you in advance for your input and I love you all.
Lefty reporting in

I use my left hand and the XIM with a Razer Naga (Lefty).  Most lefties I know grew up using their right with the mouse because it's a righties world.  Use whatever you want but be warned we lefties don't have a lot of options.  Not until the uprising that is, when we force all the righties to conform to us for once...talk to me later about that I've already said to much and some of the righties on these boards might know how to read (Surprisingly).
Support / Re: [ACTIVE] Xim4 not connecting to keyboard
« Last post by mist4fun on Today at 11:37 AM »
Thanks, you're up to date. Here is that hardware list.

Support / Re: [ACTIVE] Xim4 not connecting to keyboard
« Last post by ways200 on Today at 11:36 AM »
the firmware i downloaded from mac is 4.00.20170103
XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Sensitivitys and aim assist
« Last post by Swedge9187 on Today at 11:10 AM »
That's on a 12k dpi mouse
XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Sensitivitys and aim assist
« Last post by Swedge9187 on Today at 11:10 AM »
I had the same problem with long range aiming and close range

I made a curve so the sensitivity slows right down for small movements and increases the faster you move it

Might not be ok for your game but I use it in R6 and works fine, just remember you'll never have the pinpoint accuracy of a pc

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Game Support / Re: Someone Explain 'Curves'
« Last post by xKowal86x on Today at 11:07 AM »
I try use curves on the beggining of my xim4 but didnt like it to much,maybe because on that time i most play R6S so no aim assist.In bf1 i first play with slow down assist and do not bad after i turned off and is still good.Never play pc so is easier for me:).Dont play destiny anymore but try few times and AA not was big dill.I belive you can learn play good with curve or without.Best thing with xim is maybe you cant alweys feel like pc but every one have loads of tools to make his perfect setup with or without curve.
Think without curves is bit easier for muscle memory,but even with curvs when you learn and get use to you still be have much more control compare to controller:)
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