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General Discussion / Re: Xbox gamepad firmware update
« on: 11:18 PM - 02/19/18 »
Is this a new update? And, is it optional?

It's interesting how when we discuss how XIM is designed to make it difficult to know -- beyond a doubt -- that it's being used on a console, somehow a large number of Overwatch console gamers know with absolute certainty when they are matched up with people using it. When they lose online, they automatically make this assumption.

Or maybe the reason they are losing online has more to do with their skill -- or, that is, lack there of.

If your the setup you are asking about here would work with an Xbox controller connected directly via USB and a XIM4 connected would work no differently.

Notice what he is saying -- that is the claim that Xbox added an API (application programming interface) to "detect" devices like XIM so that game makers could choose to use it if they want. From a business perspective, it was a really smart move by Xbox to do this. An API like this is very risky because: 1) there will most certainly will be many "false positives" where it makes a mistake and flags controller users, and 2) it directly targets those is disabilities that need devices like this to game. So, to appease people like Kaplan and to give the appearance that Xbox is listening to developers, they added this API. But, there is a catch -- the developers have to choose to use it and Xbox makes no guarantee of it's correctness. Thus, all risk is transferred to the developer. Smart. :)

Xbox / Re: pissed at xbox
« on: 03:40 PM - 02/18/18 »
Isn't the issue with DICE for not patching their games?

General Discussion / Re: New to XIM! Opinions for RB6S :)
« on: 10:04 AM - 02/17/18 »
A few developers (especially Ubisoft) are really bad at creating controller input methods. For some reason they like to add things to their aiming systems that make them unpredictable. For example, time-based acceleration and velocity jumps. Time based acceleration means that velocity of your reticle will change over time. Velocity jumps areas of the aiming system where your reticle will instantly jump in speed (i.e. reticle velocity vectors are actually missing). None of this things are good for controller users either, but, developers like Ubisoft continue to do it in every game they make for some reason.

Feedback / Re: Thank you!
« on: 01:31 PM - 02/16/18 »

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Wireless? Meh.
« on: 10:43 AM - 02/16/18 »
Have you considered buying a wireless headset?

We will probably limit it to one per customer for release.

I'd like to give those who are active here with us on the forum first access to the store when it opens and before the waiting list is notified. I did this before with prior XIM releases. It's important to me that this happens, but, I don't want people having to check the forum all the time.

If ordering from our store, it'll ship from Henderson, NV. FedEx's site will be able to tell you shipping times for any destination and shipping method.

Yes, XIM APEX (like XIM4) will see the device as a normal USB mouse/keyboard -- even though it's wireless.

This is the custom color anti-static thermoformed tray and we ordered *a lot* of them.

All gaming mice and keyboards have their own proprietary wireless protocols that require the use of their own USB adapters.

Can you please PM me the tracking number of the package?

In nine days the packaging is scheduled to come in. We will start shipping a couple days after that.

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