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Welcome to the community. It is first come first serve (regardless of where you are in the waiting list). The store should be opening tomorrow (if not, it'll be Friday) and morning PST.

Welcome to the community. Have you found a translator that works will with ADS?

Welcome to the community. Our store is scheduled to be opened tomorrow (Thursday). Please go ahead and put yourself on the list and you will be notified as soon as it's opened.

You shouldn't need to do any sort of login, you should simply just need to press the Share button on the PS4 controller that's connected to your XIM4. Is that not happening for you?

When plugged into your XIM4 (or console), the battery is being "trickle" charged. In fact, charging a battery this way (gently keeping it "topped off") will only increase your battery's life.

There are two types of acceleration: time and speed. All games on console have "speed" acceleration. Meaning, every input turn speed has a corresponding constant out reticle speed. It's always the same (deterministic). This plus dead zone, Y-to-X ratio, etc. make up the games aiming mechanic. "Time" acceleration means for a given input turn speed the output reticle speed changes over time. This is terrible behavior to add to a game's aiming system (for controller players too) and I'm not sure why anyone would add it to their game -- yet they do. It makes aiming behavior unpredictable and we always mark these games with with "U" on our games support list that have this behavior.

Just a time/resourcing issue. Sorry there are no plans to add it.

You are correct, there is no binding possible for the PS4 share button.

General Discussion / Re: Battlefield 1 New update
« on: 06:40 PM - 12/12/17 »
That would be the same for controller users as well.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Right Thumbstick / Mouse & Menus
« on: 06:40 PM - 12/12/17 »
You can bind buttons to the right stick using advanced keyboard settings. Also, there is something called "TurnAssist" as well (under advanced mouse settings) that people use too -- it makes your mouse momentarily act like a joystick.

General Discussion / Re: Battlefield 1 New update
« on: 02:11 PM - 12/12/17 »
They didn't make it an option?

Support / Re: new user getting flashing purple error
« on: 02:09 PM - 12/12/17 »
Could you please concern that you have set up your PS4 correctly as described here?: http://xim.tech/latest

Support / Re: [Q/A] Counterfeit Xim4?
« on: 01:07 PM - 12/12/17 »
Honestly, we've seen the most fraud through Amazon. To the point of people finding out the XIM4 they bought through Amazon had the circuit board removed and replaced with glued-in random electronics to trick the Amazon employee in believing it was a legit return and restrocking it.

Support / Re: [Q/A] Counterfeit Xim4?
« on: 11:30 AM - 12/12/17 »
I'd contact ADZ, I believe we are going to we sending them stock but I'd confirm with them first: https://www.adzdistribution.co.uk/xim4-198-p.asp

I will have to discuss with him later, but, XIM4 presents itself in the way the actual communication occurs between the official controller and the console.This means that timings may be different than what is declared in the USB descriptors (i.e. bInterval). When things slow down a little, I will work with him to figure it all out.

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