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Support / Re: Controller doesnt get recognized
« on: Today at 08:16 AM »
Great, thanks for updating your thread. Please stop by if you run into any other issues.

About your L key issue, unplug your mouse then your keyboard while looking at Manager. When the L press disappears from Manager you will know which peripheral is causing that issue. Factory reset the peripheral at fault using the software for that device. Someone had this issue with a G502 recently so it's likely the mouse. This may fix your other issue as well.

Support / Re: Mouse and Keyboard on Xim will not work
« on: Today at 07:27 AM »
Welcome to the community. Could you please share your setup so we can learn more about the issue?

extras: third party hub, switch, extended cables, titan, cronus?


The next time it's not working please check whether you see a console/controller icon at the top of Manager. In the meantime, let's try a hard reset, it can sometimes fix this issue. Press and hold the power button on the front of the console for 15 seconds. Once off unplug the power cable to the console for 60 seconds. Reconnect the power cable and power on the console. Attach all peripherals to XIM then connect XIM to the console.

Note that removing the power cable while off has been reported as necessary by some users.

Yes, the latest version is .3

Some users are using the max brook adapter or titan devices to allow XIM to be used with the switch. I'm not aware of plans for XIM to support the switch.

Thank you for troubleshooting. It looks like there may be an issue with your hub. In the previous test when first connecting your controller to the hub and nothing else the controller didn't authenticate. Without the hub it does authenticate. If you would like to request a hub replacement please open a ticket using the link below.


Game Support / Re: H1Z1 Settings
« on: 06:27 PM - 06/23/18 »
These games have less complex look mechanics and allow for longer training periods.

No, unless you still have the old config saved on your XIM4 you cannot downgrade game support.

Game Support / Re: H1Z1 Settings
« on: 05:34 PM - 06/23/18 »
The trainer plays the game for 12-24 hours to learn the game look mechanic. If the game ends before this or it's  disturbed then the game can't be supported.

Unfortunately if your XIM4 is unresponsive to both the console and flash tool, and each of the troubleshoot steps has failed then your XIM4 may need to be looked at for repair. Please open a ticket in our store if you would like to request a repair.


Does reducing the distance between XIM and controller help?

Game Support / Re: H1Z1 Settings
« on: 03:18 PM - 06/23/18 »
boost, see my previous posts in this thread.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: smoothing
« on: 03:16 PM - 06/23/18 »
Smoothing can reduce jitter that can be introduced when using a high DPI and high response rate. The optimizing your aim page goes over this and other settings.


Game Support / Re: H1Z1 Settings
« on: 01:50 PM - 06/23/18 »
Pubg doesn't have a complex look mechanic and I could remain undisturbed for longer than eight minutes. It takes 12-24 hours for a full training session.

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